Vijay Eswaran impact to develop the society

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman and author. He is the owner and holds a management position of the QI Group of companies. This is an institution which runs its business in over 30 nations. The enterprise headquarter is located in Hong Kong. Eswaran interest in guiding business people resulted in building Quest International University Perak. He got support from the local government in 2011. Through this learning institution, he has been able to offer economical education, making it easy for parents to enroll their children. The campus is among the fast developments in Malaysia with more than 16000 from 31 different nations.

Under Vijay Eswaran leadership, the business is building Qi city which will function as the new main campus. His vision is to have a green university which will be free from pollution. The city shall comprise of health facilities, accommodation and trade spaces. During 2005, he established RYTHM and Vijayaratn Foundation. The institution’s purpose is to concentrate on community projects and kids with special requirement across Asia and Africa. This foundation formed TAARANA, which is a learning institution for children having learning disabilities in Malaysia.

Eswaran career initiated in the direct selling business; this is the point where he learned how to approach and curb management issues. He gets inspiration from customers’ reviews on how the business transformed their lives. Through these positive remarks, he urges his individuals to be creative and maintain development. He has been recognized for his philanthropic efforts in the society, leading him to be awarded. During his tenure of business, he observed that it is not the firm that prospers rather the people in it. This is because the workers put in their efforts and creativity of the company to succeed. Besides his career in business, he enjoys writing and reading books.