Understanding and Joy are taught in Kabbalah Centres Around the World

Kabbalah is not a religion as some may think, but it is an understanding and a wisdom that has existed since before the Jewish people were founded as a nation. The instructors use practical applications in the world today to teach students spiritual principles to make their lives more fulfilling. They teach the pathway that leads to the joy that is found in every person.

Kabbalah Centres are where students of all nationalities, ages, faiths and religions come to learn the intricacies of Kabbalah. The first Kabbalah Centre was built in Israel in 1922, and today, there are 40 physical locations around the world. In the U.S. the Kabbalah University is broadcast from the Centre in Los Angeles.

Many of the teachings originated with the Bergs who established the New York Centre. Until the Internet, Kabbalah Centres were the only source of learning the Kabbalah principles, and classes are still held in the Centres every day, but Kabbalah University is now online, so students can learn wherever they live.

The classes are designed to help students to understand the principles of Kabbalah and live better lives because they can make better decisions. The members of the Kabbalah Centres volunteer to their communities by feeding the homeless and other acts of charity. Giving is a part of the principles of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah Centres are non-profit, and they develop courses and classes on all levels. They supply online lectures, books, and audio products for anyone interested worldwide who wants to learn the Kabbalah principles to enhance their lives. Kabbalah is not a scholarly way of studying the principles. It is taught so that the student can improve their lives and therefore their community around them. These principles have endured the test of time and lead an individual on a spiritual path of understanding.

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