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InnovaCare Health is a healthcare management firm in Puerto Rico. The company offers high-quality health care and incorporates the Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans that develop the firm’s innovative provider network designs. InnovaCare Health provides controlled healthcare services and engages the leading healthcare groups in Puerto Rico, the PMC Medicare Choice, and MMM Healthcare, Inc.

These healthcare groups coordinate and serve many patients across North America. InnovaCare Health offers Puerto Rico different NCQA- certified health plans. It is very important to note that the firm is committed to contributing quality healthcare through advanced, innovative, and cost-effective technical healthcare pattern. According to the company’s Chief Operating Officer Penelope Kokkinides, the organization is developing into innovative network provider that offers high- class Medicare Advantage ideas on In a distinct and evolving healthcare setting, the company strives to regulate innovative and quality healthcare to patients across North America. Ultimate business dealings place the patient first and one top priority that the firm aims, in order to achieve satisfaction.

The Medicare Advantage plans a supervised healthcare program with monthly payments. The medical plan gives recipients an option to Original Medicare (A and B Medicare Parts), which afford insurance for similar health care services, although it pays service provider Fees (FFS) directly, rather than through managed care plans. However, a Medicare Advantage recipient is obliged to have registration with an administered private insurance company. The insurance covers for skilled nursing services, hospice, and in-patient hospital cover.

Medicare Advantage also administers installments to hospital physicians and surgeons necessary for outpatient hospital services, preventative medical facilities, durable medical supplies, and equipment. The medical plan also offers yearly dynamic patient medical testing and dental covers that are not consolidated in other medical covers. The Medicare Advantage Plan also includes the limit to how much a beneficiary should spend on the annual insurance cover.

In 2011, the American Quality Assurance National Committee approved InnovaCare Health with accreditation for being the most excellent healthcare provider in Puerto Rico. The company concentrates on building Patient-Centered Medical Homes, provider networks, and global risk managed care patterns. Dr. Rick Shinto, the current President, and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, Inc, has excellent operational and clinical healthcare practice in managed health care. Dr. Shinto has embarked on a medical occupation that will alleviate the company dealings across North America. Kokkinides also affirms that the associate companies advance the emotional and physical well-happiness of patients through innovative, high-quality care, and utility-specific businesses.

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