The Gentle Cleansing System of WEN by Chaz

One young woman decided to try the fig version of WEN by Chaz []. Not only did she try the product in hopes of having healthier looking hair, but she also decided to share her personal experience in using WEN with others. The woman wrote about her experience using the new cleansing conditioner for six out of seven days. The second day she did not have time to wash her hair, but did write about how she noticed her hair looked greasy again. On the six days she did manage to wash her hair using the fig version of WEN, she definitely noticed a difference. Her hair went from being dull, limp and often greasy to having body, bounce, shine and manageability. To further enhance the article she posted on Bustle, the young woman included photos for every day she tracked.

A Gentle Cleansing System

The Wen by Chaz product line is designed to cleanse in a non-traditional way. Unlike shampoos, which often remove the essential oils needed to maintain luster, WEN actually works to preserve the balance of the natural oils. This allows the hair to retain its elasticity, which in turn allows it to become soft and manageable. The gentle cleansing formula used for all of the varieties in the WEN line are designed to nourish and help repair most types of hair. Wen is available on websites like Amazon.

Not only will the WEN by Chaz products not strip hair of essential oils, but it will actually replace missing nutrients.  The extract found in the lavender version contains properties designed to help relax hair. Created by Chaz Dean, WEN cleansing conditioners have become the hair products of choice by many top models and celebrities.

Visit the Wen YouTube Channel for more information.


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