The Endeavours Of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza was born on March 9, 1976. He is a half Norwegian and half Venezuelan. Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist and advocate. He is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. The Economist described the organization as a “spectacular human right festival that is on its way to becoming a human right equivalent of The Davos Economic Forum.”
Thor Halvorssen graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Thor serves as the President of Human Right Foundation. It is an organization that is committed and dedicated to fighting for global human rights and freedom. He is also the Patron of On Own Feet and Children’s Peace movement that is based in the Czech Republic.
Thor’s paternal grandfather was the Norwegian King’s Consul in Venezuela during the Second World War His mother is descendent from Venezuela’s first President. Thor has been no stranger to facing hurdles when dealing with people in powerful positions. His father was arrested by the Venezuelan police after he exposed the corrupt nature of the government while he worked as a Venezuela’s drug mogul. His mother was caught in the shootout that erupted between protesters and police officers in Venezuela in an anti-Hugo Chaves demonstration.
Thor has continuously stated that he loves the people, and he would always fight for what is genuine and just. He replaced Vaclav Havel as the Chairperson of HRF with Garry Kasparov in 2011. Kasparov was assaulted and arrested by Russian police while leading a protest for the verdict of Pussy Riot.

He and is cameraperson had traveled to Ho Chi Minh City to cover an interview with Quang Do. The vocal leader had been under house arrest for the past 28 years. As they left the monastery, Thor was apprehended by the Vietnamese police and detained.

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