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Talos Energy Top Workplace

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Ranked by employees for 5 straight years in the Houston Chronicle, Talos Energy is one of the top workplaces. Not only is it a great place to work, employees have decades of experience with shelf and deep-water areas. Jobs extend from Houston and Gulf of Mexico to South Louisiana. Headquartered in the oil-rich city of Houston, Texas, Talos supplies the energy industry with the recovery of previously thought unreachable resources.

Talos Energy also supports community involvement by providing all employees with a $500 allowance to a not-for-profit of their choice. This helps with community fundraisers and support for many worthy organizations such as Houston Food Bank and Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center – Talos stands behind them. This is a win for not only the employees but the entire local community.

According to Indeed.com, 94% of employees approve of CEO’s performance, a strong indication of the Talos Energy workplace environment. Also, employee comments state the company deserves praise and provides both good pay and benefits.

Safety is a primary focus of the company. All the Senior Management strive to meet a safe environment for all employees according to the Hocking River Commission. Talos Energy makes certain that all at drilling locations are kept safe. Along with their employees, there is also a focus on the environment and he wildlife. Upfront responsibility for safety of ocean environment is a part of the drilling operations since most of their activity is offshore.

Crude is transported safely to a refinery where it is used to make commodity products, such as oil, gas, and a multiple petroleum-based chemicals. Talos Energy employees receive exceptional compensation and the luxury of variable schedules and numerous opportunities for advancement.

Yes, Talos Energy truly offers what the Houston Chronicle has observed a great workplace environment for the last 5 years and promises for a good future. When looking for an energy company to work with, Talos should be at the top of anyone’s list.

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