Soros Pushing for EU to Prime the Ukrainian Economic Pump

The idea of welcoming the Ukraine into the European Union (EU) is a way to forge a greater connection with forces that are opposed to the domination of countries from countries such as Russia. In that particular case, Russian President Vladimir Putin has gone out of his way to violate the human rights of citizens who are seeking to chart their own course.

Those oppressive roadblocks were just the most recent instance of the trouble that Ukrainians have dealt with over the past decade. Within the country, corruption by public officials has remained rampant, which ends up taking a toll on not only the wallets of residents by their collective psyche.

Yet the need to officially break away from Russia remains of paramount importance. By becoming part of the European Union, the proper funding becomes available to the Ukraine that will allow it to not only grow but develop into a potent economic force.

By providing it to businesses that are willing to invest in a business strategy within the Ukraine, the engine of progress can be turned on. The incentive for those businesses is that any continuance of the chaos within the Ukraine will protect that investment by compensating them for losses, money that would be available from the EU.

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Soros gives the example of the World Bank as a way to show the true viability of the plan. It also acts as a measure to counteract Putin’s plan to infuse the annexed Crimea with the sort of economic funding that will make it a more enticing option for Ukrainians who long for a more stable economic future.

However, elections that took place in 2014 for the European Parliament seemed to serve as almost a precursor to a potential breakup of the EU. At virtually the same time, the message of the Ukrainian presidential election was one that seemed to beg for the organization to remain intact.

Whether it’s helping make things easier for such investment or providing the sort of expertise in the management sector, the melding of the Ukraine within the EU can be the sort of economic jolt heard around the world. Economic power puts no lives at risk and also has the potential to weaken not only Russia, but the influence of Putin as well.

The passion that George Soros has for aiding the Ukraine stems in part from his establishment in 1990 of the Renaissance Foundation. That was set up to aid those whose freedom was negatively impacted, but the potential for economic development is something that those in EU countries can play a key role in for the future.

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