NewsWatch TV: Merging Technology and Traditional Investing

NewsWatch is an award-winning TV program that has established a magic technique for sustaining audience interest for more than two decades by gathering and bringing together news on health, travel, trendy celebrity interviews, entertainment, and reviews of the latest electronic gadgets and technology.

This television program is controlled and owned by the Bridge Communications, LLC, an organization dedicated to video communications. It is hosted by Susan Bridges, Michelle Ison, and Michael Tropeano, with reports by Leslie Alston, Chris Vaughn, Scott Steinberg, Eric Forest, and Amanda Forstrom.

The program airs Mondays from 7 am on the ION TV Network and the AMC Network as well as the independent local TV stations. In the past few years, thousands of celebrities have appeared on this program. Also, hundreds of famous companies have also appeared on the program, including NASCER, Suave, Ford, Legos, Discovery Channel, and more others.

The OptiFi Application

With the current merging of technology and the traditional investing, individuals planning to invest and grow their cash have easy access. This technology is convenient and provides the much-needed peace of mind.

When you understand that everything is just a tap away, the OptiFi provides you easy access to low-cost automated investment services from your tablet or desktop. Once you have chosen your account type, investment goals and successfully complete the initial questionnaire, you will be good to go.

How the Application Works

You need to decide on the investment goals either long or short term. The next task is to assess your risk appetite. You are free to select between aggressive and conservative or somewhere in between. After your selection, you will get a recommended portfolio. You will be provided with 14 different investment portfolios to pick from.

It is now the high time to fund your account, and the automated management process starts immediately, and it adjusts as required. You will be able to monitor, control and track your progress at any given time. Finally, the Fifth Third mobile application provides another way to check your proceedings.

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