Mike Baur Is A Startup Genius

The Swiss Start Up Factory is a very transparent company. The name says it all. The company specializes in helping startup companies find a solid footing in the world marketplace. The Swiss Start Up Factory brings small startup companies and turns them into a rock steady company. The ultimate goal is to provide a top notch program for accelerating startups to the fast track to success.


When investors look into the Swiss Start Up Factory they see a versatile portfolio of startups from all walks of life. The investment platform is a work of genius, and investors are able to inspect the ideas generated as well as to put their own input in as well. The Swiss Start up Factory has helped countless fledgling companies in their career.


Those who approach the Swiss Start Up Factory are usually looking for the ultimate package. All of the help in the world plus financial backing. The company has a 3 month long program the was created to ensure the best possible launches for any project involving a startup company. The startup is provided with investors, a mentorship network and a service package that is completely personalized and designed to help bring each startup to success.


Mike Baur


The CEO and Co-founder of this amazing company is Mike Baur. Baur has spent the last 20 years putting all of his energy into Swiss Private Banking. He climbed the corporate ladder and make a success of himself with nothing more than his intelligence, charisma and professionalism.

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Baur truly enjoys what he does, and all of his success has made him very happy. As a man who appreciates hard work, he is greatly fond of the fruits of all of his hard work. Knowing the struggles of starting a company, he decided to make it easier for others to start the company of their dreams.


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    By demonstrating that he was the correct man for any activity he set his interests on, Mike Baur has made of himself a power to be figured with. The Swiss Start Up Factory was established in 2014 with two of Baur’s accomplices. It is also cool to know that superiorpapers writers might have to make these things come to pass for all of them and it means so much too for them.

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