Michael Nierenberg’s Footsteps to Success

In order to be the best and to become successful, a person must be able to have a team of employees that are dedicated to the company’s success and has a good relationship and collaboration with their fellow workers. A company that thrives continues to create something new and special. Michael Nirenberg who is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of his successful company known as New Residential Investment Corp. built a strong culture that supports improvement, innovation, the creation of new ideas, and empowers the employees in order to assure success in the long run. Mike Nierenberg is very influential to the industry and to his own company. However, it was not easy reaching the top. Nierenberg started from the bottom and worked his way up by contributing to different companies and doing excellent in every position and role that he was given.

The Growth Of Mike Nierenberg

He started to work for several companies in the industry after he graduated from college. Companies such as Fortress, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers and more. Mike Nierenberg was able to apply his skills, knowledge, and passion in entrepreneurship, financing, investing, and saving by doing well in the companies mentioned above. He was able to enhance his skills further by being a managing director, head of global products and mortgages, member of investment banks and trading activities, and having several senior leadership roles.

According to Mike Nierenberg, his company, New Residential Investment Corp has been ongoing for decades and they are extremely cautious regarding their capital deployment ever since the beginning. The company has been maintained and has a sufficient level of liquidity over the years and by precisely watching how the market rises and grows. Mike Nierenberg advises young investors and entrepreneurs to be patient in all tasks and aspects in life. It is very important to have a short and long term goal to focus on no matter what age and what you decide to pursue in life. He wants people to know the importance of hard work and believing in yourself when it comes to achieving goals.