Marc Beer’s Commitment to Providing Solutions in the Pharmaceutical World

Marc Beer together with his partner Ramon Iglesias founded of Renovia Inc., which is a leading healthcare provider. Marc Beer, the former Aegerion CEO, is projected to bring his skills in development and advanced knowledge on biotechnology, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals. Marc recently raised $42M, which is expected to aid women’s health startup. The company prides in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic devices, which support in the treatment of different kind of pelvic disorders.

Renovia Inc. has already spent $32 million towards the development of therapeutic devices as well as $10 million in project debt. Among the pelvic disorders targeted by the organization, is urinary incontinence with Renovia’s Leva is the first product to be approved by FDA. The pharmaceutical has joined hands with the Longwood Fund, which is a New York-based healthcare provider that had initially invested in Renovia.

Longwood plans to direct its funds towards the development of therapeutic and diagnostic products, which will include the recent version of Leva Device. The company is thrilled to be working Longwood in providing better diagnostic and treatment for women with the pelvic disorder. Marc Beer notes that this will lead to long-term cheaper treatment for women. Moreover, the move will also provide valuable data to patients as they will be better informed on treatment options while understanding the health issues they face and how to tackle the challenges associated with the disorder.

Renova is the first business venture for Marc Beer after he left Aegerion in 2015, where he had worked for 25 years as a leader of development and commercialization. Like Renovia, Aegerion is dedicated to an innovative therapeutic approach to treating patients with different kind of rare disorders. Marc together with his partner made the company a public entity in October 2010. Moreover, the company’s product JUXTAPID (Iomitapide) was approved the same year by FIDA. The drug is used to treat homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia.

During his tenure at Aegerion, the company acquired its second product as well MYALEPT (metreleptin), which was also approved in the US for general lipodystrophy, ultra-rare disease. Marc had worked at ViaCell previously where he held the position of a CEO as he was a co-founder. ViaCell is a biotechnology company that specializes in collection, preservations well as the development of umbilical cord blood stems. Under the leadership of Bee, the company grew and went public in 2005. Learn more:

Other previous companies Marc work for include Genzyme where he was assigned to the sales and marketing departments. Additionally, he served as a strategic consultant for Ova Science, which later merged with Michigan Millendo Therapeutics. Moreover, he worked for different pharmaceuticals where is gained more skills. His move to Renovia means that the company will benefit from his experience in the field of pharmaceuticals.