Keeping a Positive Reputation

Status Labs is a private digital reputation management company that has swiftly grown to be recognized as one of the top 300 in the Inc. 5000 list of fast growing businesses. The company also focuses on public relations and online marketing. The goal of Status Lab is to effectively use their public relations strategy and online marketing to help clients build a positive reputation and to look one hundred percent in search results. The company has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Austin and Sao Paulo, and has been news worthy in such publications as the New York Times, The Observer, US News and World Report, and The Daily Beast to name a few. They are valuable to their users because they know that the first page of a search engine is the consumers first impression, and they want to help you to maintain your online presence. They can change many of the unwanted places that online traffic is sometimes being directed. Status Labs allows the consumer to take control of the Suggested and Related features of search engines. They recommend that consumers use all of the resources that the web offers to best manage your digital reputation.


Status Labs has a client base that expands the United State, Asia, Europe and South America. They specialize in digital communication involving financial transactions which include acquisitions, mergers and bond issuing. They build clear strategies and develop digital assets so that you can reach key investors and other customers. Status Labs also provide a site audit where they will go through your site and suggest changes that will improve visibility and get your website a better ranking. Even though the internet has caused changes in the public relations rules, public relations itself has not changed. They provide public relations professionals to help clients stay in touch with important stakeholders. Status Labs, in addition to all of their other services, offers a quick crisis response. They have a team of Fortune 100 and 500 personnel that will promptly respond to any crisis situation. They will help lessen any damage that you may receive on your online identity, hacking or identity theft, before and after a crisis.

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  1. Teagan Huxley Post author

    There is need to keep a very good image of our business at all times. In today’s world, before people transact any business with any firm, they make sure such firm doesn’t have bad reputation. They search through search engines and read reviews according RSB and if they find any bad review, they are such of going to our competitor instead. If you are involved in any smear image or an angry client, Status Labs can help you reclaim your reputation making sure such bad reviews do not find their way to the first page of Google search engine.


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