How Jacob Gottlieb Altium Capital Is Disrupting The Health Care Industry

Jacob Gottlieb has been known as one of the titans of healthcare investing for the past several years due to his focus on implementing rapid growth across many of the companies that he’s worked alongside. Now he’s adding another feather to his cap with his recent Altium Capital venture. As a number of reports have suggested, the investment fund will be focused on high-growth companies across the health care industry.

Based in New York, the company is purportedly looking to find and grow companies that can provide significant advancements across the entire health care industry. So far, Altium Capital has already made a few key investments with some companies; chief among these is Oramed Pharmaceuticals, in which the investment fund bought a 5.61% stake.

According to reports, Oramed Pharmaceuticals is focused on providing a few alternative treatments for diabetes patients; one of the most notable of these is an oral medication that may help diabetes patients who are otherwise dependent on injections. Over the past few years, the company has released an ingestible insulin capsule and an oral Glucagon-like peptide-1 capsule. The success of both of these products may have been what made Jacob Gottlieb and Altium Capital interested in the first place. The company is also well known for using scientists and medical staff who are experts in that particular field.

Another significant investment for Altium Capital and Jacob Gottlieb was the Amarin Corporation. Amarin has been focused on developing and manufacturing medicines that help with cardiovascular health. The companies first product was approved by the FDA in 2012; Amarin has since developed a number of other highly successful medicinal products in the years since. This success was what initially attracted Jacob Gottlieb, and its potential for growth has been evident to many health care professionals over the past few years.