Hampshire Insurance Is Being Sued By Bruce Levenson, Former Owner Of The Atlanta Hawks

Former NBA franchise owners, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, have filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company, claiming that they have made a breach in their contract, failing to abide by their policy over the claims made by Danny Ferry, the former General Manager of the team. Bruce and his team at AHBE have stated that the lawsuit does not pertain to the Atlanta Hawks new owner, Tony Ressler, and they will in no way partake in the lawsuit. This all happened around the same time Tony Ressler and his partners bought ownership of the team, ending the 6 year long contract between the Hawks, Bruce Levenson, and Danny Ferry.

According to Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, AIG, the insurance company in question, did not cover losses that were related to wrongful termination or workplace torts, which brought about the civil action and filing to the Superior Court. They also stated that the insurance company was contacted about the issues and the problem was thought to be settled, but ignored the problem since early 2015. The current spokesmen for the Hawks have stated they are aware of the complaint in question, but have no ties or commitments to the previous owners. Full information on the amount of the claim has not been released, as it has been held confidential for the time being.

Today, Bruce Levenson is widely known as an American businessman and previous owner of the Atlanta Hawks, along with his work in philanthropy, http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undergrads-and-graduate-students-mastering-philanthropy-300038081.html. He has founded and co-founded several businesses to date, and he was even on the NBA Board of Governor’s back in 2014.

Visit the brucelevenson website and wikipedia page for more info.

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    Basically I wouldnt have said anything about insurance companies because their main purpose is to ensure that their clients are adequately covered. But based on legitimate essay writing service recent trends, I think that they have failed in their duty to ensure that all the clause in their agreements with Bruce Levenson of the Atlantic Hawk is fully adhered to but the reverse is the case since there has been a breach of contract between them.

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