Giving Back To the Community Through Financial Institution.

NexBank Capital is a financial company based in Texas State. Most of its clients are the well-established businesspeple and giant organizations. These institutions approach NexBank Capital for services such as Mortgage Banking and commercial banking. Due to the quality services that this bank offers, it has grown tremendously and has increased its profits to a great measure.

Within a spun of two years, NexBank Capital had managed to raise 54 million dollars from its high end investors. The proceeds are meant to be used in the betterment of the institution’s services that are now popular among successful investors. The money, which is now gaining an interest of more than 5% after 5 years, are speculated to even increase their value as the years go by.

NexBank’s service to the corporate institutions has seen its assets grow to 8 billion dollars. It has a mission of providing its clients with the best services in Texas City and the US at large. With the commitment of the well trained and hardworking employees, as well as an amazing track record, this goal is truly attainable.

NexBank Capital has gone further and incorporated the community it lives in in its umbrella. It is striving in changing not only the lives of those in Dallas Texas, but also of those in other states. It has started offering mortgage loans to low income earners that are willing to own a home, but are not able to buy one in cash.

NexBank has gone further to give back to the community through education. The institution is committed to empower and teach students about financial literacy under a program dabbed as Moneyworks. This program is aimed to enlighten the youth about financial matters and how to manage it. The program comes in handy especially when the students are through with their education as they are able to make and use money wisely, reports

Staff members at NexBank have gone out of their comfort zones and are donating to the less privileged in the community. They have gone further and are helping students in different county schools in Dallas to make the right career decisions after school. This they do through the many workshops that they put up in schools.

Women have not been left behind by NexBank when it comes to giving back to the community. The bank has partnered with other organizations to educate and support women on how to be economically productive and also encouraging them to take up leadership roles. These services have earned the bank an award of Financial Capability Innovation Award by EverFi.