Dan Bethelmy Rada shares her inspirational story.

Dan Bethelmy is a professional in the business field committed to the development of enterprises.She has extensive knowledge and skills in business having acquired her bachelor’s degree in commerce and a masters degree in International Business. Dan Bethelmy Rada is known for her expertise and success she has enjoyed at L’Oreal company.

Professional Development

She started her professional career at L’Oreal company immediately after leaving university. The L’Oreal company specialises in the provision of beauty therapy to its customers through its unique product offering to the market. The L’Oreal company entrusted her with a Product Management position where she was assigned the role of the head of that department. Dan Bethelmy Rada’s ability to coordinate and manage enabled her to develop her skills and motivate her team.

Dan Bethelmy Rada interpersonal skills have enabled her to make significant steps in her professional journey. She has developed within the company to become one of the top management executives at L’Oreal company. Dan Bethelmy Rada expertise in marketing enabled her company to be recognised as the best antibacterial company. Dan Bethelmy creativity in social media marketing has allowed the company to penetrate in various markets worldwide.L’Oreal company prides to having its markets in all continents. Dan Bethelmy Rada currently serves as the global leader of the Matrix and Biolage Brands.

Dan’s passion and lessons learned

Dan Bethelmy Rada is also a passionate photographer and traveller. She loves taking pictures and incorporates the marketing field with photography through creativity. Bethelmy loves travelling and has spent her entire career making trips in different countries. She started travelling at a tender age. She has lived in Venezuela, the United States of America and France. During travelling, she has interacted from people from multiple cultures. She has amassed a lot of knowledge on the importance of cultural integration which is a significant step in effective marketing.

She says that she has learned that success is an ongoing process which is measured in different parameters. She says that the challenges in the job environment have helped her to schedule time effectively to ensure she balances her work and time for her family. Dan attributes her success in the business field to her ability to set realistic goals, determination to succeed and prioritisation.