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Meet the Inspirational CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics

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CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere, is recognized as a leader and innovator in both the cosmetics and e-commerce industries. Doe credits many things to her success including trusting her gut, being true to herself and an inseparable husband and business partner. Her e-commerce based cosmetics company has been inspiring others to be true to themselves through self-expression focused on vividly colorful beauty products.
Doe’s experimentation with cosmetics began at an early age during sleepovers with friends. At one party she recalls trying to conjure spirits with the girls decked out in full costume. Doe pulled out her makeup kit and completed the outfits with mood setting colors. Fast forward to 2008 when Doe launched her beauty line focused on bold and imaginative products helping her customers feel beautiful in any moment.
Lime Crime’s products are both cruelty free and vegan. Doe is a long time animal lover and supporter of animal rescue organizations. It seems to mirror Doe’s larger philosophy on treating others with respect. To date Lime Crime has donated in excess of $16,000 to different charities that are aimed at helping women, children and animals. Doe aims to uplift others with love and respect and this includes her vendors, employees, partners and of course her Unicorns! Doe refers to her fans and customers as Unicorns due to their fearless fashion choices and pride in being different.
Lime Crime embraces the Unicorns and encourages their self expression. There are devoted spaces on the company site for customers to show off their unique styles and play with the makeup. They also offer creative tips for customers looking for new ways to combine daring hair colors and cosmetics called #hairspiration.
Inspiration plays a big part in running art and fashion inspired cosmetics line. Doe doesn’t try to force inspiration but waits for it to happen and when it does she knows to take action quickly. She spends most of her days in high level meetings with executives of her company and also a major part of each day involved in product development alongside company chemists.