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Securus Technologies Secures Crime Prevention Initiative

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Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith has implemented a crime prevention strategy that goes beyond incarceration. Securus has long since been responsible for surveillance and monitoring of other networks. Smith has decided to use their innovative technology at Securus towards their telecommunication crime prevention goals. Securus customers can trust their communicating over a secure network. Their customers are choosing their features 10 to 1 over big name competitors. Get more services for your money and talk far more. Switch to the Securus Technologies today and get first-time customer promotional offers exclusive to their network. Join a secure network that puts your security first.


Crime Prevention Strategies


– stop illegal inmate telecommunications

– eliminate illegal inmate gambling

– prevent inmate cellphone use

– ban inmate gambling

– additional facility monitoring

– and much more…


Most facility crimes start over the phone and Securus works hard to prevent telecommunication crime. Their website gives their customer a feedback platform to report potential crimes or to hear what others have to say about the Securus network. You never have to worry about loosing contact with your friends and live ones in a facility. Join Securus Technologies and talk far more today.


Securus Technologies and Their Software That Stops Crime

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Securus Technology is a communications company that serves correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations. Their proprietary software provides sophisticated communications platforms between inmates and families, between various departments and organizations, and between institutions.


Securus serves over 2 million inmates in North America, with over 3,600 clients who house and supervise those inmates in some form or manner. Families appreciate the ability to communicate with their loved ones through the communications services that Securus provides.


The communications that run through the Securus services are not always on the up-and-up, however. In many cases, criminal and unsavory activities are the result of the convenience as well.


Securus has technology built into the system where activities that would result in criminal behavior can be eliminated before it gets too far. For example, recently a drug and alcohol ring was broken up before it barely got started. A prison employee and inmates were caught in the middle of plans to bring liquor and drugs into the prison population. The employee was caught due to the security systems in the prison phone lines and was terminated from his job and arrested.


The system is called Local Based Services, or LBS. It has the capability of tracking cell phone locations with no compromise. Most cell phone technology is based on GPS location finding, but the LBS system does not rely on GPS. GPA can be gotten around very easily by someone who knows what they are doing.


With LBS the location of the cell phone, as well as the person inside the prison as an inmate, are revealed, and the prison authorities can take it from there. In another situation, a shooting incident on the outside was solved when an inmate was talking to a sibling about how to fool the police by giving false information.


A Company That Cares – Securus Technologies

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When people want to make sure that they are safe, they think of the people that are out there doing those types of jobs. For both civil and criminal sectors of justice, the company, Securus Technologies is the leader at what they do. They invent all types of ways to deal with problems with inmates and the public with safety issues. They are publishing letters from their customers and clients on a regular basis to show how their work assists in the effort to make the world a safer place.


Many people do not understand the latest technology, and that is why the company has invited them to their facility to see it firsthand. When they come for the presentation, which will be held in Dallas, TX, they can see how the technology will benefit the public on a regular basis. When the people are there, they can also ask questions and receive answers directly from the company. They will learn a lot when they attend the presentation, which will also be very interesting, to say the very least.


Since their workers are exceptional, the future looks great for this company, because they are sought after for their excellence all across the country, and they are known and respected throughout the world.



Securus Helps The Kids Of Inmates Grow Up Right

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Securus Technologies is bringing families together. As you can see in this video, the video chat allows the father to communicate freely with the child. The kid giggles and laughs as he recognizes his father figure in the screen before him. This is actually creating a bond between the father and the child which is vital for childhood development.


Securus is a telecommunications company that offers technological innovations to prisons, inmates and law enforcement officers. One of their greatest breakthroughs is the ability to allow an inmate to have a normal video chat with his friends, loved ones and lawyers on the outside. But I think the biggest breakthrough for this technology is the ability to connect parent with child at a vital time in the small child’s life.


If you notice in this video, the child is at a very young age. In fact, the little boy is at a such a young age that he doesn’t actually realize his father is not in the room with him. This blissful ignorance is seen as cute and childish, but is an incredibly important point for this interaction.


The child sitting on the floor in this video is one of 2.7 million children in the United States missing a parent because of incarceration. The negative effects of this can be profound like going through a terrible divorce or losing a parent to death. Young ones like this have it the easiest because they are blissfully unaware.


Technology like this is becoming more and more part of everybody’s lives, especially the young. Babies play with smart phones and tablets and get used to all the ins and outs of technology before they hit grade school. These virtual visits that you see in this video can actually serve as a parent by proxy. And the benefit of this is that when the child grows up he will have memories of his father being in his life.


The memories will be distant like everybody’s memories at a very young age. And that hazy distance will help normalize the memories of his parent when young. He won’t think anything in his childhood was missing or that it was weird his father was in jail. She will simply grow up with a vague memory of his father being around and that can help with a healthy upbringing. And at the end of the day, that technology that bridged him will become more and more normal as time moves forward.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.