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´╗┐Learn More About The US Money Reserve

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The US Reserve helps you make the first steps towards gold ownership. As Gold Authority┬« leaders, they have been able to offer the industry standard in gold. Over the past year, they’ve seen more people interested in precious metals. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | PR Newswire

They make it easy to shop for premium products. Clients have access to gold, silver, and platinum buying options. They’re client-connected while allowing their customers to order directly from the USMR website. They make sure you can own gold at a good price. In fact, their gold has a rating of 99.99 percent purity. You’ll love being a member of the US Money Reserve.

Their CEO, Philip Diehl would like to invite their clients to their transparent online pricing chart. Plus, they offer a free IRA at the USMR. Diehl has always had a strong conversation about precious metals. He’s determined to bring more gold ownership customers to the industry than ever before.

In fact, he’s been able to help the US Money Reserve customers understand the importance of including gold in their portfolio. As the former director of the US Mint, Diehl has created hundreds of authentic professional relationships in the gold industry. Today, he remains committed to the value of the precious metal industry.

Rare Signature Ronald Reagan Commencement Coin

Late president, Ronald Reagan made history with the 1985 Bullion Act. His notable act made way for the US Gold Eagle coin. The rare coin was signed into law as one of the first government backed US coins. In celebration of his popular decision, the USMR has the only signed Ronald Reagan coin in the world. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The coin was designed by the Perth design company. The rare 2 ounce coin will only be available in the United States through the US Money Reserve, but the signature coin will be available for purchase from around the world. The rare coin is signed by Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan.

Their premium gold, silver, and platinum products come in a beautiful collectors box. Their packaging conceals the contents of each order for your protection. You never have to worry about your package getting lost in the mail with a shipment guarantee.

They also guarantee your shipment within 30 days of your order. The advertising of their coins, bars, and bullions has helped them become recent recipients of the Adsense Award. The customers of the US Money Reserve can buy with complete confidence on their official website.