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Gareth Henry Is Still Fighting For His Fellow LGBTQ Refugees

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Gareth Henry has not always been able to truly be himself. He faced persecution and even death for being gay back home in Jamaica, and he was forced to flee or be killed. There are many people back home who are still being beaten, mobbed, threatened, and even killed because of the intolerance to their sexual preference. There are even some that are reduced to living in the sewers and in the cemeteries in order to stay alive. This type of intolerance toward gays is not uncommon, and there are many countries who still frown upon on a gay lifestyle.

Gareth Henry became a refugee in order to survive, and he had also gotten his family to safety as well. Even being associated with or related to someone who is gay in Jamaica can be dangerous. Gareth Henry has lost countless friends simply because of people who hate difference, and many of them were quite young and had a whole life ahead of them.

He has not forgotten, and Gareth Henry is working hard to help those who are in situations that are dangerous and intolerant. He is working with the Rainbow Railroad which is an organization that helps refugees to get to safety from their home countries that are intolerant of their lifestyles. He has helped dozens of refugees to escape and has probably helped to save their lives.

Jamaica is beginning to make some progress, and it has held its third PRIDE celebration which celebrates LGBTQ community, but there is a lot of progress that still needs to come about. There are still many violent acts against gays that are occurring on a daily basis. There is still punishment against sexual acts between same-sex partners, and many Jamaicans do not support the repeal for the removal of this law. The majority if the country also does not support equal rights for trans people or gay man either. Gareth Henry is still committed to homeland, and he still urges progress for the LGBTQ community no matter how long it takes. He knows it’s important to stick together.

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