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Norka Luque Singing for a Noble Cause

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Norka Luque was though born in Caracas; Venezuela considers Miami home. She recently rose to global fame with a couple of sensational singles. In fact, her debut hits got several nominations for Latin Music Award. Her long journey started as a child when her parents overseeing her vocal training, piano lessons, and dance, `alongside her academics. Luque moved to France after high school where she studied several subjects ranging from Business Administration to Culinary Arts, Marketing to Fashion. However, this did not derail her interests in music. She joined a band, and with it, she would get a familiar with the music scene in Europe. Interestingly, Luque had a stint with banking in Monaco, but that would be short-lived for she later moved to America as an aspiring musician. And the world is lucky she did.


As fate would have it, Luque met Emilio Estefan Jr, together with the likes of Archie Pena, Hermanos Gaitán, and Luigi Giraldo helped materialize her debut singles amongst them Milagro, a song that with Mediterranean and Caribbean flavors. Its message that change was within everyone’s reach scaled it up music charts among them the Latin Music Billboards where it was a favorite. In her country of birth, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, as well the U.S, it received a wide acclaim. Norka was now a force to reckon with in the global music scene.


This talented singer or artist is guided by a philosophy of bringing hope to the world through music. She has been quoted saying that though music and the lyrics therein should in principle help people get through difficult times. According to her, artists should always incorporate positivity in their works, and although the music world is forever experiencing a great change in genre and rhythms, it should always carry a similar message; that of valuing life and hope to change for the better. Her inspiration stems from her share of nasty experiences in life. She has risen above her struggles and so can people in despair.


Norka Luque is also looking up to great artists, from the likes of Sia, classical Nirvana, Jay-Z, Shakira, George Michael Alesso, Bob Sinclair, Aerosmith, and Queen. She is full of life; she likes traveling, different cuisine and loves tennis, but at the helm of her enthusiasm is music. In 2016, she has worked more with Emilio Estefan releasing a single entitled ‘Tomorrowland’ and also with Fito Blanko. She now runs her label named ‘ NorkaMusic Productions LLC.’ Her music is especially relevant, for the world still needs reassurance with messages of hope.



Norka Luque’s Journey Through the Music Industry

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Norka Luque has been passionate about music for a very long time. She started singing in a very tender. Her parents were very supportive to here thus she attended music school to undergo training on how to play certain instruments. She attended piano, ballet and flamenco classes to enhance her understanding of the music industry.
Apart from attending the instrumental classes she also took part in voice practice. While pursuing her music career she was also undertaking business Administration in her home country France. Norka dream of becoming an artist did not fade. A producer named Emilio Estefan Jr. later became interested in her and gave Norka a platform to start her career. This marked the begging of her career.

With the help of Emilio’s team, she was able to release her first single titled Milagro. The song performed very well, and it is currently being promoted by Norka using different platforms. Because of its nature, it has been able to perform well in the United States and Venezuela. The song has accommodated a lot of cultures and soundtracks. It is a combination of reggae, Caribbean sounds and trace. Such songs are very rear.

The amazing message contained by the music has also played a significant role since many people of different age set can easily relate to it without any problem. The song has created a big fan base for Norka Luque thus promising her a bright future. After realizing the song, she stated what the song entails and what her clients should expect in soon.

Apart from being an iconic musician, she is also a mentor to many girls who would like to venture into music soon.  France has been known a lot for fashion and other things but with the upcoming of Norka Luque, it has shown that the country can also produce some of the best musicians all over the globe.

With the platform that has been created by her music career, she is now in a better position of monetarizing her love for fashion by forming a cloth line. The success of Norka has also been a lesson to all parents; they should support their kids in everything they do.

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