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A Glance At The Life Of Guilherme Paulus

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Even though he began his career as a mere intern, Guilherme Paulus is now one of the most influential individuals in Brazil’s tourism sector. Today he owns CVC, one of the biggest tour operators in Brazil and is also the power behind GJP, a renowned chain of ultra-modern resorts spread across different parts of the said country. Thanks to his innovative leadership, Guilherme has made it possible for over five thousand people to have a source of income.

However, unlike most people who like taking credit for things that they shouldn’t, Guilherme Paulus is an incredibly honest person which is what sets him apart from most people in the tourism industry. This is because he openly reveals that the idea to start CVC wasn’t his but that of his former partner Carlos Vincente. During a recent interview, Guilherme Paulus revealed that it was Carlos who came up with the idea and being a natural born entrepreneur, he joined hands with him so they could bring the concept to life.

CVC began as a small store at the exit of a cinema on a little street. Its location was an added advantage as there was a flow of people and within no time, their small firm was slowly joining the big league. They worked together for four years before his partner left to venture into other areas and since then he has been solo. Even though he was left alone to run the business, Guilherme Paulus did not let this deter him, and he successfully steered CVC to incredible heights.

Guilherme Paulus’s day begins early in the morning, and he reveals that the first thing he does is thanking God before writing his weekly schedule. This he says, helps him make his day productive. When it comes to business trends, Paulus is excited by the efficiency technology has helped create in the business world. He adds on that by saying that thanks to tech, it is now possible for business owners and employees to identify and quickly attend to the needs of clientele, thereby meeting and exceeding their expectations. Guilherme Paulus says that visiting different locations where GJP hotels contribute significantly to him being productive as an entrepreneur as he gets an opportunity to interact with employees and clients, thereby identifying opportunities for growth.

Achievements of Andrew Rolfe

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Andrew Rolfe attended Oxford University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He proceeded to Harvard University Business School to pursue his Master’s degree in Business Administration. Rolfe is now the leading chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund. He was given the title of the president because he had major responsibilities of overseeing many activities in Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, and France. Andrew Rolfe is also in charge of many activities for international growth.

Members hoped to raise a lot of money during the tenth annual festival of the Ubuntu Education Fund. The funds will be spent on the development of campuses and schools. They also plan to open up clinics in schools that are owned by the organization. The primary goal of the Ubuntu Fund is to take care of the disadvantaged children and youth in the local area until they begin their sustainable careers. Andrew Rolfe helped the company to attain its goal as the chairman.

It is important to note that many people attended the dinner that was hosted by the enterprise. Charles Ross who was in charge of Auction was also present. The final speech was presented by the Jacob Lief who is the founder of Ubuntu Education Fund. Jacob Lief stresses on important matters. He said that the needy children should be given essential needs including books, pencils, and clothing. Sinisipho was offered a scholarship after narrating a story of her father`s drinking habit. She was also given psychological support and excellent education.

Andrew Rolfe is also the senior managing director at Tower book capital Partners. He was the chairman and the CEO of the business that operated mainly in New York and Hong Kong. He led many international retailers as the chairman of the company. Andrew Rolfe was also the vice president of PepsiCo Restaurants in Europe. His hard work as the vice president enabled him to secure a job as the CEO at the Booker Food Service. He led more than thirty countries and more than one thousand three hundred Pizza huts as the chief executive officer.