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Fortress Investment Group Takes its Leadership a Notch Higher

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Leadership has been one of the pillars that have supported the success of Fortress Investment Group in its quest for efficient customer service delivery in the Industry. It has been through the help of its leaders that the organization has emerged as the cream of the financial sector. The leadership of the organization is always an important factor in any organization that wants to achieve success and to remain relevant in the competitive industry. Leaders make critical decisions about the progress of the company and help the entity to avoid losses and extreme financial difficulties that can cripple an entity. Fortress Investment Group is probably one of the asset managers in the industry who can be proud of the experienced management leaders who have been able to push the organization to greater heights.

It is evident that the leadership of Fortress Investment Group has been the main reason as to why the company has been excelling in a significant number of aspects. Most of the leaders at this entity are highly experienced leaders, and they have worked in other organizations where they gained significant knowledge. Wes Edens, Peter Briger, and Randal Nardone are all professional financial analysts who have sufficient expertise in understanding the money market and the whole industry before implementing a particular decision.Large corporate organizations have been dominating the industry for a longer period because they have strategic plans which enable them to remain relevant regardless of the changes in the industry.

Fortress Investment Group is one of the financial entity that has remained competitive and relevant in the financial industry for an extended period despite the extreme competition offered by other entities in the industry. Here are some important lessons that other upcoming entities can learn from the financial manager.Besides investing in opportunities that would help the entity to only invest in profitable ventures, Fortress Group got other additional benefits that it had not anticipated. The company was able to determine that the market will experience inflation tendencies that would lead to the collapse of a significant number of the financial markets. The firm used this information to provide itself with stability that would enable it to withstand the market shocks that were likely to hit the industry.

A Glimpse of Southridge Capital and the Company’s Future Strategic Direction

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Founded in 1996, Southridge Investment Group is a private equity firm based in Connecticut providing investment banking and security brokerage services. The company has headquarters in Ridgefield, Connecticut and Currently has a staff of 50 employees.


Southridge Capital uses unique financial techniques, and its staff has expertise in customizing business and financial plans according to specific needs and executing the programs. Experience gained through financing over 300 private and public companies around the world has brought a unique understanding of complex issues that face growing entities.



Stephen M. Hicks, who is the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Southridge company and controls business development and task execution. The CEO has industry experience in investments of more than 30 years. Stephen Hicks has extensive know-how in financial structuring, derivatives, risk arbitrage strategy and investment banking. In a recent interview, the Southridge Capital CEO details the humble beginnings of the company from a small hedge fund based in New York.


The organization has established a routine of reviewing portfolios and listing items to accomplish as a team, identifying new opportunities while ascertaining the existing investments are on track. Having the Southridge Capital in operation for more than 20 years has the added advantage of a more in-depth understanding of the workings of Wall St. Individuals can quickly identify the organization when they need financing for their companies.


Having a daily list and focusing on cash proceeds from daily portfolios is a habit that the Southridge Capital CEO cultivates within the organization to increase productivity. Hicks states that having fewer deals and focusing on cash instead of the returns has worked for the company. He offers advice on the rule never to let good money chase after bad money. For more details visit Bloomberg.



The Southridge Capital CEO is open to new ideas and currently is enthusiastic about the development of cryptocurrencies. He views starting channels for cryptocurrency, either actual or podcast in an explosive cryptocurrency industry through the form of CNBC as the future. Further recommending several web and print resources like Wall Street Journal online, Quotestream and OTC markets that are helpful in providing historical information on the markets and industry trends.


Freedom Checks and What They Can Do for Your Financial Life

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If you’ve ever invested in the past, you know the difficulties of trying to find the right stock or bond in order to put money into. If the stock goes under, you lose everything and you could find that this results in total financial ruin for you and your loved ones. An easier and more effective way of investing is known as Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks is a type of investment that has been around for many years now. They are a trusted source for individuals who would like to become the shareholder of a specific company and receive the overflow of revenue that the company will have year after year. These checks are often given to those who have put money into a specific corporation, either a gas company or an oil producer, and you will receive money when their revenue has been received.

What makes Freedom Checks so popular is the foolproof method of investing that practically anyone can begin to do. You do not need to be trained or experienced in investment work in order to get Freedom Checks and have the option work well for you. Likewise, you do not need to put a ton of money into the specific company you want to invest into in order to see cash flow in return. The process of investing and getting a check is very simple and can be done quickly and without hassle. To learn more about this method of investing, you may want to consider reading the official book on Freedom Checks and how they can work for you.

Once you begin to see that you are able to make a decent amount of money off of being a shareholder for one of these companies, you will find that this encourages you to invest more and see more revenue in return for your efforts. Now is the best time to begin investing, as this is an option that thousands of people have tried in the past and are thrilled with how it is working for them and able to give them a ton of money as well.

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Wes Edens- Building A Global Presence

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A successful businessman, investor and sports team owner, Wes Edens has been making his presence felt for quite some time. Edens is a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, one of the nations top investment management groups based in New York City. Edens impressive resume includes being a co-owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, and owning the League of Legends FlyQuest. Edens is an innovator who is always looking for his next great movie.

Wes Edens is a graduate of Oregon State University where he earned a degree in in Finance and Business Administration. His career in business began as a result of a partnership with the Lehman Brothers. It was here that he served as a partner and managing director for several years. After Lehman Brothers, Wes Edens became one of the principal partners of the Fortress Investments. He would soon help build Fortress into one of the most successful companies around.

Under Edens leadership, Fortress has become a global success. Currently the company is responsible for managing more than forty million dollars in assets for nearly two-thousand investors. Edens works along side Randal Nardone and Wes Edens as the companies other major principals. Together the trio has built a company that specializes in some key areas which include: operations management, sector-specific knowledge of companies and institutions, capital markets and corporate mergers and acquisitions. Over the last two decades Fortress has built a set of tools and strategies that have made them global experts on these topics.

Recently Wes Edens made a unique move when he became an investor in Aston Villa, a major soccer team. Aston Villa has been looking for funding ever since the end of the most recent season in May. Edens becomes more than a fifty percent stakeholder in the company. He continues to show his ability to be innovative and push the envelope. His presence clearly will be around for many years to come.

Madison Street Capital’s Commitment to Integrity

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One great example of companies giving back to the community is Madison Street Capital, which partners with the United Way to give back to communities all around America. This partnership has mobilized communities across America to improve education, financial stability, and help families achieve economic independence.


Madison Street Capital Reputation Strengths: Priorities and Values


Madison Street Capital’s first commitment is to integrity. Striving for excellence and exhibiting strong leadership through service follow naturally from the mindset of integrity that is the fiber which makes up Madison Street Capital.


This is exactly why Madison Street Capital is an market leader in reputation.


With integrity and tremendous industry experience, Madison Street Capital Advisors are trusted by successful corporate executives all over the United States, and worldwide.


Doing business out of Chicago for the past 11 years, Madison Street Capital Advisors offer expert advisory services to executives and decision-makers at middle market corporations, primarily focusing on corporate advisory, company valuation, tax planning, asset management, financial opinions, as well as capital services and venture capital services.


To offer some insight into the kind of work in which Madison Street Capital specializes, we can look at the field of Mergers and Acquisitions, where they have strong business volume.


According to Madison Street Capital’s leadership team, the company is focused on merging companies that combine product distribution with actual retail product offering and branding. This clearly internalizes the cost structures of the logistical product distribution while also focusing in on which products to distribute, creating myriad opportunities for internal process improvement.


A Reputation of Honesty


The working philosophy at Madison Street Capital is about always maintaining integrity, while delivering advisory plans that are what the clients need to hear, rather than what the clients want to hear. Without doubt, Madison Street Capital has the reputation of integrity and excellent client service.


It’s this type of thinking, the kind that values business success over personal ego, that runs Madison Street Capital. This culture of honesty, integrity, and transparency, pervades and thrives all through the whole organization at Madison Street Capital, at every level of corporate governance.


Integrity at Madison Street Capital also means that they go above and beyond any legally required disclosures for clients, to make sure that everyone is on the same page and knows what is going on. Communication is a huge part of transparency and honesty, and in this area, Madison Street Capital excels.


The advisors at Madison Street Capital are education-focused, and hospitable, meaning they aim to leave visitors better-off for having visited, whether they buy services or not. By over-delivering, Madison Street Capital Advisors build trust early on and establish expertise, which can’t be faked. The teams at Madison Street Capital have extraordinary analytical tools that are powered by real client data to yield unique, hyper-valuable insights for corporate clients.


Business as we know it is changing, and only time will tell which companies will thrive or fall.

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