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Drew Madden’s Role and Impact on Nordic Consulting Partners

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Healthcare has been experiencing quite a remarkable change over time both regarding industry size and quality of services. It is due to this improvement that the patients’ trust and hope for better services delivery in the health sector have been increasing. Therefore, several prescriptions for distinct aspects of the healthcare market have been developed to inspire young entrepreneurs as they seek their cures in similar lines of thoughts.

A referral system and better post-acute rating are one of the prescriptions. The government has provided many financial incentives to hospitals and skilled nursing facilities that aid in reducing the rate of readmission and post-acute cost in the hospitals. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to start providing hospitals with software that enable in determining who has the lowest readmission rates among the post-acute providers. It will then end up aiding the hospitals in better directing of patients and also cost-cutting.

Another prescription is the better use of the health tracking hardware since patient’s data collection has always been done manually. Therefore due to lack of data, doctors are not able to provide appropriate recommendations. Despite data collection being manual, the hardware to make the patient’s diagnostic data easy to collect does exist and it even has an insurance cover. It is, therefore, a considerable gap for an entrepreneur to fill and take advantage of it. They can manage it by providing the hospital with software that can generate health reports relating to patients for doctors.

Drew Madden received his B.S.E in Industrial Engineering from Lowa College of Engineering. He never wasted his time but immediately ventured into the corporate world to utilize his academics in the actual environment. In 2010, he became one of the Nordic Consulting Partners’ staff, and he served as their president for about six years. During his term, Drew enabled the company to realize more benefits for him, being one its stakeholder. The company experienced substantial growth in the number of employees as well as client partners than before he joined. In 2012 and 2014 he aided the company in achieving the KLAS ranking in the typical implementation of services.