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A Private Club Meant Just For Young Professional Millennials

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What is Magnises?

Magnises is an exclusive, private club for young professionals on the move. Membership guarantees you get a VIP experience every time you go out. Provided you are headed to at any club or event on the East Coast, the card has you completely covered. People are joining in large numbers because of the increased networking opportunities the organization provides. Owners of the Magnises black card receive massive discounts and other inviting offers from the leading clubs and hotels in New York City and Washington DC.


Billy McFarland founded Magnises, the private club in 2014, according to Businessinsider. Billy’s primary motivation was to enhance the networking opportunities of the professionals.

How the Cards Work?

Well, in a nutshell, the black card is linked to your bank or credit card. Once you swipe it at a club, hotel or an event, your expenses get safely and automatically deducted from your savings accounts. With the card, it is possible to do shopping and business both online and offline.

Speaking to the press earlier this year, McFarland was quick to note that the main reason they came up with the black card innovation was that everyone always carries either their debit or credit card around. Consequently, the Magnises card saves the consumers from the hassle of carrying two cards which could easily get misplaced.

Unprecedented Growth
In a span of fewer than two years since it got launched, the organization has garnered a strong following. Magnises currently has well over 12,000 customers. With the new benefits set to be rolled up in the coming months, more consumers are expected to join this bandwagon.

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How Much Does it Cost?

The card goes for a modest price of only $99. The company’s headquarters are situated at Alley. Another exciting offer up for grabs by their patrons is the co-working experience on In brevity, customers are given a chance to use their prestigious and tranquil professional-looking facilities over at Alley to work. Yes, they only need to pay a monthly fee of around $500 to be able to use the office premises to conduct their private affairs. For outsiders, the price is estimated to range many times over this quoted amount.

The start-up regularly holds networking-experience events on their Lower East Side premises in Manhattan. The occasions take place at the penthouse and the members get a brilliant chance to exchange ideas and contacts as they take in the magnificent view of the breathtaking New York skyline.

Upcoming Features

The founder of the club announced major plans to introduce ClubPass. This is a characteristic which allows the user’s unlimited access to all the hot clubs and events in the Big Apple. Members pay $65 for the privilege.

HotelPass is also another feature of Magnises in the works by the start-up. Magnises members who sign up for this service get to stay at the prestigious Dream Hotel in New York. Thanks to the card members pay a quarter of the cost per night. Instead of parting with the set $245 per night at the hotel, they only pay $79. Pretty amazing, right? Moving forward the firm hopes to attract and retain budding professionals in the finance, tech, fashion and the entertainment industries among others.

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