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Fabletics-Making its Place in the Athleisure Market

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Fabletics has become very dominant in a market that has long been dominated by large corporations such as Amazon. Fabletics did not use the usual “pop up” method to grow but instead grew gradually and got a really good feel for the market and its customers before scaling.


Fabletics is a subscription company and relies on information collected from those customers to personalize and customize their styles and clothing line. Fabletics encourages new members to take the Lifestyle Quiz in order to find out what it is that they like to do, what they like to wear, and what they want out of their athleisure wear.


For far too long brands have been defined by their price and typically more expensive brands are thought to be of much better quality. Fabletics has blasted this aged concept out of the water. Their athleisure brand is not only stylish, but affordable as well so their customers don’t have to break the bank to look good.


According to Gregg Throgmartin, the General Manager of Fabletics, the strategy of Fabletics is what has helped them to grow so well while still keeping their customers happy. Fabletics has been able to open stores in Florida, California, Illinois, and even Hawaii, and they plan to add many more as well.


The secret? To stay in touch with the customer and to provide personalized service while offering styles and quality that is still affordable. It is important to know what the customer wants in order to give them what they want.


Fabletics has used a technique known as “reverse showrooming” in order to become successful. While their competition is getting affected negatively by showrooming, Fabletics has sidestepped this problem. Fabletics avoided growing too rapidly and instead has taken the time to get to really know their customers through research. They encourage new members to take the Lifestyle Quiz, and that information is very valuable. They were able to find out exactly what the customer is after and design their clothing line around what they found out.


This resulted in about 30 to 50 percent of their customers shopping in-store already being members and another 25 percent normally signup to join the Fabletics club. Whatever a member decides to buy, and where they buy it, if it goes in the cart it counts towards their monthly membership cost. That means that members can shop online or in-store and it all counts towards their purchases.

From ‘Almost Famous’ to Fabletics: Kate Hudson’s Business Empire

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Amazon has positioned itself as an online shopping giant, but Kate Hudson’s fashion brand Fabletics is poised to shake up Amazon’s status. It’s all due to the simple trick of “reverse showrooming.” The Fabletics membership model allows them to collect data about their customers: just take the Lifestyle Quiz to find custom product recommendations based on your workout habits. This is information that Fabletics can then transfer to a physical store setting: they know what to stock because of customer feedback. Because Fabletics is originally an online brand, they can use retail stores as just another way to reach members through hyper-local, market-aware format. Not only that, a customer’s in-store process of trying on and assessing clothing puts these options in their online shopping cart as well.


Kate Hudson’s acting career took off through her role as Penny Lane in the 2000 comedy-drama Almost Famous. Her background in acting made for a smooth transition into her next big role as co-founder of Fabletics. Hudson’s authentic and enthusiastic approach to all of her projects ensures that she has the same sincerity in steering Fabletic’s operations. Fabletics president Gregg Throgmartin describes the brand as “fanatical about quality.”


A big part of that quality comes from the aforementioned membership structure. Not only do they track the results of each Lifestyle Quiz, Fabletics also tracks what products are the most shared on social media so they can curate the perfect outfit every time. This data-driven approach makes for nimble production schedule that clocks in at just eight weeks.


It also doesn’t hurt that the brand has established partnerships with celebrities like Demi Lovato. Lovato says that she was inspired to create a line for Fabletics because of their shared values. She explains that they both believe in “empowering” women no matter their appearance or fitness goals. Plus, she loves cute clothes and that’s another big aspect of what makes Fabletics so popular. The brand combines fashion and function, a winning formula that makes their members look forward to each workout. Customer satisfaction is Fabletic’s number one priority, and they’ve been doing a, well, fab job at achieving that goal.

Kate Hudson’s Victory with Fabletics

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Kate Hudson is achieving what seemed to be the impossible. Known for her fashion style and acting talents, Kate Hudson has added successful businesswoman to her resume. Her brand, Fabletics, is one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. Within the company’s first three years, she’d grown a $250 million business.

Fabletics was an idea born from a need for affordable workout attire that was also fashionable. A lot of companies make workout attire, but it’s usually very bland and expensive. Fabletics is the first brand to focus on fashion as much as producing quality products. It also uses a subscription mechanic that it uses to the consumers’ benefits.

Fabletics is one of the most consumer-focused fashion brands in the world now. Nearly everything piece of information Fabletics collects goes toward bettering customer satisfaction. The brand even goes so far as to handpick items for members every month. Fabletics has every new member fill out a fashion and workout questionnaire, which is used to predict what outfits to best select for that member.

Fabletics is pushing far beyond what high-value brands have historically done. In the past, high-value brands just had good prices and quality goods and services. As the current economy has shifted, consumers want more from the favorite brands. Fabletics focuses on staying in its members’ good graces.

After experiencing years of success in the e-commerce market, Fabletics is beginning to experience success with physical stores. As more physical stores open, Fabletics learns more about local markets and how to conform itself to the shifting economy. Currently, Fabletics has 16 stores in places like Florida and California, but it plans on opening more stores by the end of next year. It’s even figured out a way to overcome the many pitfalls that befall other brands.

Part of Fabletic’s strategy is getting to know the local markets. Each store uses that specific results to better fill their shelves with items that local members are more likely to buy. That has allowed Fabletics to succeed in an industry where most fail.

One non-sponsored reviewer even noted that members don’t have to pay membership fees every month. Any month a member doesn’t buy something; they don’t have to pay monthly fees. That means they only pay for the months they’re going to buy something.

How Fabletics is Taking on the Fashion Market

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Fabletics is an on online subscription brand that deals with women wear including sportswear and accessories. Fabletics started in 2013 by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. Later in 2015, they launched FL2, which is men’s activewear line with Olive Hudson. The firm expanded and started dealing with dresses and swimsuits. There are sixteen storerooms, and they are working on adding two more this year.


The company has developed fast over the years due to their unique advertising tactics. Such tactics include using footage shot by Kate Hudson using her cell phone and targeting competitors. Fabletics realized an increment 35% in revenues, which adds up to $250 million over the years.


Fabletics competes with retail giant Amazon, which controls 20% of the fashion industry. Fabletics is thinking differently to fight the old and new forces in the fashion market. The company have come up with unique ways to increase its gains and will later take on Amazon. The firm uses subscription method to sell its clothes such that each member completes a survey about their lifestyle and fashion preferences, and at the beginning of each month, they design personalized clothes for each member according to her preference.


In the previous years, people defined brand value through its price and quality, but things have changed. Nowadays, customers’ experience, last mile service, brand recognition and exclusive design form the backbone of brand valuation. The firm is familiar with its subscribed customers, and they can sell them clothes at a price lower than their competitors sell to keep customers happy. This method helps them maintain their clients.


Fabletics have reversed the rule where people browse for items, but on finding them expensive, end up buying them elsewhere at a lower price. With them, one has to make a subscription to check their clothes. This strategy enables them create positive relationships with their clients, know the local markets better and be reliable. They ensure that 50% of people who go to their stores for shopping are already members and another 25% become members after coming to the stores.


Fabletics knows that the best way to keep customers on the brand journey is by showing the right items both online and in the physical stores. They only stock clothes that are appealing to the customers, and this can be improved as tastes and trends change. They keep clothes based on social media sentiments, local members’ preference, store heat-mapping and overall fashion trends. They believe that branding combines user preference data and global fashion trends.


The growth of the firm is all about selling high-quality products at a relatively low price. Fabletics is among the fastest growing companies with a positive attitude, good relationship and great understanding of the new consumer. All firms have challenges from time to time and Fabletics is no exception. However, they have done an excellent job in understanding the physical retail experience. They highly embrace the new showrooming, and with this, they are doing their best in offering the best quality services to their clients, whether online or offline.


Before starting a fashion shop, one must know how to compete with other brands like Amazon. Fabletics has figured that out and has come up with exclusive products and different advertising tactics to help them compete with Amazon.

JustFab and Eye-Catching Summer Trends

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Shopping lovers lately keep going crazy over the summer styles that are available at JustFab is an Internet subscription retailer that’s perfect for people who like fashion recommendations that are tailored to their own tastes and lifestyles. The team at JustFab makes finding clothing simple and stress-free. People can purchase all different kinds of apparel at JustFab. The online store has a large selection of denim, dresses, tops, skirts, shorts and everything anyone could possible want to buy for the summer. JustFab also carries many accessories that are excellent for the warmer times of the year. Exploring the summer selection at JustFab always takes a lot of time. The options don’t end quickly at all.

It’s easy as pie to use JustFab to get recommendations for amazing summer looks. People can visit the store’s website to fill out several quick and easy questions that involve style and size. Voila! They’re then on track to receiving some amazing customized suggestions. Many people out there love fashion but aren’t keen on making style choices. That’s the beauty of JustFab. It gives people the chance to make fashion discoveries that don’t involve frustrating or stressful choices. The team at JustFab makes those stressful choices for subscribers of the website.

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JustFab Summer Shop

Easy, breezy summer dresses are a huge summer style hit at JustFab. The store’s selection of effortlessly cool and chic summer dresses is absolutely astounding. The dresses look amazing on women of all body types as well.

The accessories available at JustFab are beyond impressive. They’re great for people who are currently putting together summer outfits and looks. The store’s body jewelry selection is particularly noteworthy. People who like showing off their sun-kissed summer bodies with body jewelry are sure to go nuts for JustFab’s current offerings. The anklets that are for sale at JustFab are fantastic. Source:

JustFab’s footwear is also great. The store’s footwear categories are enough to satisfy even the most seasoned shoe lovers. People who like wearing sandals in the summer won’t be disappointed by what they find. The store has many exciting and chic options in both flat sandals and heeled sandals. People who are looking for more casual and laid-back summer looks can go for the flat sandals. People who are looking for more glam summer looks, on the other hand, can head straight to JustFab’s heeled sandals selection. The heeled sandals come in a dizzying selection of styles and colors. The sandal colors are often bright and beautiful, too. When it comes to gorgeous and eye-catching summer color, JustFab has things on lock.