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Aims at Improving the Livelihoods of the Dallas Community

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NexBank Capital is a Texas-based financial institution. The bank serves its clients through observing its central core values. The bank is committed to providing value to clients through every opportunity available to them. It is the mission of the bank to provide refined and customer-tailored answers to the variety of customers served by the institution.

The workers at the bank are well trained and serve customers with professionalism in a bid to uplift the low earning individuals. Besides, the bank aims at stimulating economic development in Dallas by making a sustainable change and building a stronger community. In this regard, the bank has partnered with various organizations. Together with these partners, the bank aims at creating an empowering community in Dallas.

To improve the living standards of the Dallas community, NexBank has designed loan programs to alleviate poverty by helping the needy within society. The partnership with various institutions to provide loans for low and moderate borrowers in Dallas has enhanced the living standards, given that the program also covers mortgage lending. Additionally, it helps to cushion borrowers by cutting on title costs and closing cover.

The bank has helped more than 900 families in Dallas to acquire a mortgage loan. It hopes that it will roll out the program throughout the country to help more Americans achieve the dream of homeownership. Moreover, banks support veterans through volunteerism and donations as well as loans to help them build homes.

Education is at the heart of the bank where it helps to achieve literacy education for low-income zones. They also help students to prepare for the job market as well as teaching them on being money smart so that they can improve their livelihoods. Community services such as women empowerment and helping the homeless by providing exceptional care and counseling is a top priority for the bank as this leads to a healthy and empower the community.