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Alastair Borthwick– an Adventurous Soldier

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Alastair Borthwick, born on 17 February 1913 in Rutherglen, was a successful Scottish author and broadcaster. He was raised partially in Troon and Glasgow. His writing career started when he joined the Glasgow Weekly Herald, a newspaper, where he wrote on the Open-Air page. He discovered rock climbing, an activity that was becoming increasingly common among the Glaswegians.

 His first book, Always a Little Further, was published in 1939 after being Herald’s Open-Air page writer for some time. The book helped the Scottish people to appreciate the mountains and be participative in climbing as Scotland is enriched with an amazing and beautiful scenery of mountains. As a result, most people, particularly those unemployed, found joy and interest in walking to the mountains and taking in the unending elegance of nature. This created a climbing mountain movement that started the formation of climbing clubs around Scotland.

Alastair Borthwick was not only interested in the actual mountain climbing but also adventure aspects such as, the personalities and emotions of the people doing the mountain climbing.

Alastair Borthwick was a man of many talents. He was also a radio and television broadcaster and made a career out of writing and presenting programs. However, in the start of the second world war, he chose to serve his country as a private in the Highland Light Infantry. He was a part of a Seaforth division, a British Army Unit, that served in North Africa, Sicily, France, Holland, Italy, Germany and also in the Western Europe.

In 1941 he worked as a Battalion Intelligence Officer where he was responsible for the navigation component. His incredibly courageous and significant service of fighting for freedom, justice, and human decency achieved him a rank of captain and later promoted to war substantive lieutenant of the Reconnaissance Corps.

After his service, Alastair Borthwick was commissioned to write a history of his battalion in the war. This was his second book, Sans Peur, later republished as Battalion, authored from a perspective of an officer who fought on the front line and highly acclaimed for making his country proud.

HGGC Partners with General Atlantic and Respida Capital to Create Powerful Global Retail Software

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Some people who saw HGGC start as a small and fledgling startup in Palo Alto, California, can hardly believe what the company has grown up to be. Today, the tech firm that was 12 years ago seen fledgling is sitting on so0me $4.3 billion worthy of clients’ assets.

The success of this tech company did not come easy. Top employees at the company led by the founders have put the necessary measures to see the firm grow to where it is today. Recently, the firm posted on its website some of its latest strategies that have made it stay afloat.

Through a press release, the company said that it has recruited more employees. These new recruits have been drawn from various backgrounds and are equipped with requisite skills to serve the company’s growing number of clients.

Already, the company has recorded tremendous results. Recently, it added quite a number of clients from many parts of the world. Although the tech firm is based in California, its clients come from diverse nationalities.

One of HGGC’s latest achievements is when it partnered with Mi9 to create one of the most powerful retail software in the world. Respida Capital and General Atlantic, companies that jointly own Mi9 recently confirmed that they are ready to do business with MyWebGrocer, a company owned by HGGC that deals with consumer packaged goods.

Speaking when making the press statement on the merger, HGGC‘s Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Richard Lawson said that they are thrilled with the plan. The CEO said that he was particularly impressed with Mi9’s proven record of successfully integrating various retail software for the benefit of clients.

Clients who are looking to do business with HGGC can easily get information about the company online. Much of the information about the company’s products and services are available on their website. Besides, the company has also made public its Palo Alto location by giving interested parties physical and virtual address.

Those who are interested are free to use the information available on their website to get the most out of HGGC, which according to many clients is one of the tech companies that offers a more personalized investment program.

Shervin Pishevar, Bitcoin, and Small Business Innovation

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Do we dare anticipate a Bitcoin rally for the first quarter of 2019? Because of the abysmal December that had statisticians scouring text to find a worse recorded end of year, the answer might just be yes. But, let’s first consider a few things.

Trade wars, political tensions, legal battles and less than favorable tech markets all have investors and people like Shervin Pishevar concerned. And yet, there are a lot of positives signs in the global economy. Consider wages and jobs in the U.S. If these are strong amidst such conflict, what would happen if they were suddenly resolved.

A sudden resolution is indeed possible. This is why so many are closely following the U.S. and China trade relation talks. An agreement that would end any discussion about a trade war is universally seen as yielding a considerable boost to the global economy.

Political tensions between these two countries will remain. Their issues run deep. The other most pressing U.S./China conflict is over property right infringement. Both also have several internal political issues. U.S. politics are the lead story in the media on most days. The nation is struggling to find an answer to illegal immigration. It recently saw a change in the dominant party of the House of Representatives. China has fundamentally deviated from its democracy upon removing term limits.

Another issue that Shervin Pishevar touched upon was monopolies. Today, Amazon is causing chatter among politician that new rules will need to be passed to break up the online retail goliath. Shervin Pishevar noted how critical it is that small business remains the focus of innovation. Companies like Amazon simply do not have the focus to meet the specific needs of localities.

In a world with great technology resources, there is no reason for dependence on corporate innovation. Shervin Pishevar called attention to these monopolies more than a year ago. He also predicted that Bitcoin would undergo growing pains before breaking out. Do the whispers over concern about monopolies indicate the type of shift in consciousness the world needs to realize the power individuals now wield?

Talkspace Understands the Importance of HelpingPeople

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Talkspace Understands the Importance of Helping People

 People who want to have therapy used to have to go to therapy sessions and see a therapist. There werethings they had to do that made it hard for many people with a mental illness to get the help they needed. Talkspace wanted to change that. In fact, they wanted to do something that would disrupt the entire mental health industry. Not only did the company want to make it easierfor people to get the mental health help they needed but they also wanted toremove the stigma that’s always been heavily attached to getting help for mental health. Talkspace worked hard to help people understand they could getthe help they needed. They also worked to make sure they had a way for people to do it. By coming up with ideas for talk therapy through texts,  more people a chance to get the help they needed. Check out to read more about talkspace reviews.

 Even when Talkspace first started, they felt confident about how they could help other people. They also felt they had a chance to focus on what was best for the community. As mental health professionals, Talkspace knew there were things that would make it easier for them to do the right thing. They also knew the right way to connect with therapists so they didn’t have to worry about how they could help people who needed it. Even though the company spent a lot of time learning about different opportunities, they felt comfortable giving back to people who needed it.

Talkspace made a commitment to mental health and decided to start helping people more than ever. The first step to that was helping people connect with the need for mental health help. By using celebrities to help people learn about what theyneeded to do, Talkspace created a connection that was never there before. They also knew things would keep getting better as long as they could give the community a chance to see a positive change. As long as the company continues doing that,they know they’ll be able to bring real change to the mental health community.

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Rick Shinto, Clinical Medicine and InnovaCare Health

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InnovaCare Health is a respected company that’s situated in Fort Lee, New Jersey. This is a city that’s pretty close to the heart of New York, New York. People in Fort Lee can rapidly access the City That Never Sleeps. Richard Shinto is a leader who does a lot of work for the company daily. He’s both its Chief Executive Officer and President at the moment. Some of the other people who work right next to him in leadership positions are Penelope Kokkinides, Nicole Cable, Mony Weschler, Michael J. Sortino, Jonathan A. Meyers, Douglas Malton and Michael Holohan. Kokkinides is the firm’s Chief Administrative Officer and as a result has many varied responsibilities on her shoulders.

Shinto has been a proud figure in operational medical care for almost 30 years now. He’s been in clinical medical care for that same length of time. He knows managed care up and down. This doctor functions as the Chief Executive Officer of his company’s Puerto Rican divisions. He does this via an entity that’s called MMM Holdings. MMM Healthcare is part of everything. It’s Puerto Rico’s biggest plan under the Medical Advantage umbrella. No Puerto Rican plan has been in existence for longer than it has, either. He’s at the helm of 250,000 plus existences currently.

The InnovaCare Health leader was Aveta, Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer and President between the years of 2008 and 2012. 2012 was the year Aveta Inc. was sold. His career was notable prior to that, too. Shinto in the past was NAMM California’s Chief Executive Officer. Other businesses this executive has worked for are Cal Optima Health, the Medical Pathways Management Company and MedPartners.

This InnovaCare Health master is equipped with an undeniable knack for words. That’s why he’s penned many clinical medicine and healthcare pieces throughout his in-depth career. He graduated from the University of California at Irvine with a B.S. or “Bachelor of Science” degree. He also went to institutions of higher learning such as the University of Redlands in California and the State University of New York in Stony Brook. The InnovaCare Health aficionado has a variety of degrees under his belt.

How Organo Gold Products Add To The Coffee Culture

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Having been in operation since 2008, the Organo Gold beverage brand is one of the leading makers of organic coffees, teas and health and wellness products. Offering coffee flavors such as Cafe Mocha, Cafe Supreme, Cafe Latte and King of Coffee, the brand has become a part of what is known as the coffee culture, which is defined as being a social atmosphere or series of associated behaviors that depend heavily on coffee. It’s made up of lovers of the beverage who like to visit local coffee houses or a local franchise of a larger coffee chain to interact with others who enjoy indulging in beverages of this type, including several kinds of teas, as well as cocoa.

Organo Gold, now known simply as ORGANO, uses only natural ingredients in its coffee options, one of the main ones being Ganoderma, or reishi mushroom. This organic ingredient has benefits that can reduce stress, improve sleep and increase energy. It can also increase antioxidant levels, and is safe enough to be consumed on a daily basis, due to the fact that it has a much lower caffeine content than regular coffee. Customers who have had the arabica coffee product have described it as having a smooth taste and a nice aroma to it. The fact that it can help boost the drinker’s immune system is an added bonus.

Since many people opt for health-conscious products these days, ORGANO provides them with a better choice when it comes to coffee beverages. Not only can these coffee, tea and cocoa products be enjoyed while the consumer is in a social setting with others who are a part of the coffee culture, but they can also be purchased on the brand’s website or from independent distributors. The ORGANO brand offers natural personal care products as well.

OSI Food Solutions – A Prestigious Industry in Food Processing

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A healthy diet is vital for every individual. The choice of your food is crucial. Food security and high quality food have become an issue in the world. Fortunately, there have risen up many industries to ensure sustainable food solution across the globe. these food industries work to the realization of adding more value to the kind of food we eat. One such industry that has been at the center of world attention by their unique services is OSI Food Solutions. It is the leading food companies gradually. It has risen above every food industry globally.

Why OSI Food Solutions is a top 100 food companies

OSI food solutions are leading in providing unmatched quality food products around the world. It is a privately owned company in America specializing in meat processing and other food products. Its headquarter is based in Aurora, Illinois. What makes OSI be a top food provider of food globally is its purchase of food products from the top vendors. They do inspect any products from farmers before purchasing them to ensure they only take quality. This has earned it a good image with the consumer in the market. For example, in 2016, they purchased food from Baho which is a leading food production firm in the Netherlands. Recently, the industry has increased its wings globally especially UK market which enabled it to acquire Flagship Europe, a UK food supply company specializing in supplying frozen poultry in the UK.

Career and Management

This company works to provide an environment that offers rewarding business opportunities for employment. They employ people with expertise in the food industry. The industry has also created job opportunities for the community and beyond. Recently, OSI Food Solutions won the 2016 award of Globe of honor by the British Safety Council. This is a prestigious global award given to industries that have put mechanisms to help in managing environmental and health safety risks.


OSI is a world leader in the food industry because of its exemplary works that surpass other food industries. They work extra mile to ensure quality to its customers. Purchasing their products is worth it.

Gareth Henry Talks The Benefits Of Private Equity

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There are a lot of terms that seem to be used interchangeably on Wall Street. There are new investment vehicles being made all of the time that are hybrids meant to meet the specific needs of the client. Gareth Henry recently talked about the alternative investment class known as Private Equity. The funds in private equity are directly invested in companies, usually a public company that is bought out. This causes the publicly traded company to be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange.

There are also private companies that take part in private equity when they are startups. In addition, there are rare cases when a public company uses private equity, but this is usually when they create an IPO. Companies are able to do a lot with the capital they receive from private equity such as making acquisitions, funding new tech, and solidifying balance sheets. Gareth Henry understands the many benefits that private equity can have for companies. Read the article at

Gareth Henry believes that there are a lot of reasons why some companies are turning away from being publicly traded. The compliance costs and regulations surrounding being a publicly traded company are getting to be a lot more complicated and difficult to comply with. It can cost millions to stay compliant with these new regulations and many companies don’t have that type of capital to spend at the time. In addition, it costs around $750k to do an initial public offering and the process can take a year and a half. The process is so arduous that many companies don’t complete the process and lose the money they have put into it.

In the last 3 decades, private equity has become more and more common in the business world. Gareth Henry states that they are Limited Partners with private equity funds. Limited partners have limited liability but own all but 1% of the fund. The General Partners only own 1% but hold full liability. The general partners are responsible for the operations of the fund. Limited partners still could face losses, but they are limited based on how much was invested.

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Victoria Doramus: Helping Unwanted Animals

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Victoria Doramus has had many successes in her life but knows what it is like to hit rock bottom. While she was recovering from drug addiction, she realized that helping others would be critical in her own road to recovery. She also feels very strongly about helping unwanted animals, which is why she gives support to the Best Friend’s Animal Shelter. This organization’s purpose is to one day end the killing of all unwanted animals in every animal shelter in the nation.

In the 1980’s it was the norm to kill most of the animals who showed up at animal shelters. Starting with the old and sick, millions of animals were put down every year. There were several friends who were disgusted with this practice and they worked together to find a safe place to shelter and care for these unwanted animals. The friends found homes for most of the animals they helped, and the ones who remained unwanted were sheltered and cared for the rest of their lives. this was how the Best Friend’s Animal Society got its start.

The reason philanthropist Victoria Doramus supports the shelter is that she feels strongly that even animals that are having a hard time to place with a family deserve to live, as well as the old and sick animals. The organization is now able to help over a thousand animals at a time by providing them with food, water, shelter, and their medical needs. The animals are also shown love and care.

Victoria Doramus feels that both animals and humans must have someone to care for them and must be shown love in order to thrive. Best Friends Animal Shelter has been able to save many more animals over the years by working with animal shelters and support groups across the nation. They hold events with the sole purpose of finding homes for the animals.

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Equities First Holdings Have Been A Company That Has Gained The Reputation As Someone You Can Trust

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Equities First Holdings have always built itself up as a company that its customers can trust even during times of hard financial uncertainty and the company has proven this recently by giving their customers the continued loans that they are looking for when other banks have held back on giving out loans.

This has led people to start banking with Equities First Holdings so that they can continue to do the business that they need to get done at any time, even during financial uncertainty like these times.

Equities First Holdings want their customers to know that they can always trust that they will be able to do the business they want when they want.