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Duda Melzer Appointed as the President of RBS Group

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In a live broadcast to 6416 staff members of the company, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, took over as the President of RBS Group. The occasion took place in Porto Alegre and people who attended include his close associates and family members.

Eduardo is widely known as Duda. Formerly, Duda served as the executive vice president of the corporation. The ex- president of the company, Nelson Sirotsky, said that he was contented and confident with the presidency of Duda. Nelson trusts that Duda is prepared for the duties since he is focused on improving the objectives of the company. During the acceptance speech done by Duda Melzer, he mentioned that his grandfather is the one who founded the RBS Company.

Ever since his formative years, the corporation has enthralled Duda. The vision of the company impelled his attention to engaging in active managing of its affairs. Melzer is pleased about the impact of the corporation on the lives of the individuals. During the last decade when he was an executive of the company, Duda realized that RBS zeroes in on solving various issues by cooperating with workers who are fervent about their craft.

In the firm, Duda worked as a general director in charge of the nationwide market and as the vice president of the company growth and market ahead of becoming the Deputy Chief Executive Officer. The mission of Duda is to build up sustainable company projects that integrate the three pillars of business. The pillars are communication, digital and business education. With the arrival of Duda, Nelson will be serving on the board of directors and on the editorial committee of the company.

Duda Melzer Takes Up His Role As The President of RBS Group