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OSI Food Solutions targets further growth in Europe

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OSI Food Solutions, the biggest food company in the world, is focusing on the further growth of its operation in different locations around the world. In the past three years, there have been expansion efforts in the local market and the foreign market. The company has an excellent record of excellence in the food industry, and that is why it is focusing on making sure that every person in the world gets a taste of their superior products. The company has a history that goes back one century ago. It was started by a German immigrant who settled in Chicago. It started as a butcher shop, but over time it has managed to grow into one of the biggest companies in the world. Read this article about OSI Food Solution at Augsburger Allgemeine.

OSI Food Solutions recently expanded its food production plant in Spain. The expansion involved the addition of a high production capacity line that will double the production of chicken products from the plant. There were an additional 22,600 square feet of space. A lot of efforts have been made to make this one of the biggest companies in the world. Its CEO Sheldon Lavin has brought great changes in the company, and the way production activities are done. There are thorough changes that have taken place, and the company is on the verge of becoming the greatest in the world. Currently, Forbes ranks this company as one of the top 100 private companies in the United States.

The expansion of the OSI Food Solutions plant in Spain came after there was an increase in the demand for chicken products from this region. The number of people who are consuming chicken products in the past one decade has gone up significantly. According to the data relied upon by the company, the number of people who are taking chicken products in this region has gone up from six percent to eight percent annual increase rate.

OSI Food Solutions is one of the companies that will ensure that the food industry does not fall. Through the standards they have set, there is no opportunity for companies with mediocre services. The food industry is now going up, and soon the products from this company will be in every country. Learn more:


Matt Badiali On Changing His Career From Scientist To Financial Investment Expert

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Sometimes people change their careers many times over their lifetime. They may not foresee it, but it ends up creating more opportunities in their life than ever before. Matt Badiali set out his life to be a scientist, but things changed with time. The successful businessman did not know that his working career would take such a different turn. Matt wanted to be a scientist, so he went to college. He accomplished the highest education level possible, a Ph.D in sedimentary geology. Having such a great education would actually benefit his career as a financial investment expert. He recommends his subscribers invest in natural resources like metals, oil, energy resources, and so much more.

Matt Badiali founded Real Wealth Strategist, a financial newsletter to reach thousands of subscribers so they can benefit from the knowledge and experience Matt imparts in it.Mr. Badiali stays up on the trends of his market. One trend he sees that may be pretty lucrative is oil. Investing in stocks for oil would be a smart investment. Matt says a barrel could rise to above $100 dollars. Matt Badiali has done quite a lot of research to support his investment recommendation, looking at the markets all over the world. Many factors play into how the price of oil goes up in prices, and the financial expert advises people to invest now. Another market to invest in is the energy market. The world will turn more to electricity to power our lives.

Mr. Badiali has done a lot of research in the market of natural resources, and knows what is going on. Matt Badiali says that a single battery will provide all the energy for towns and cities in the near future. In fact, some small towns in Europe already do this. Not only does Badiali do the research needed for his newsletter, but he traveled all over the world to see these resources in action. His real world approach draws in subscribers that trust his instinct and sound advice when it comes to investing. On the side, Matt Badiali works for Stansberry Research as a geologist and a financial analyst. The financial expert previously worked at the University of North Carolina where he taught geology.

OSI Industries, The Leading Food Processors

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OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois in the United States and majors in food processing, specifically meat processing and supply; sausages, pork, bacon, poultry products, seafood and more.

OSI industries were established in 1909 as a family business where it was first known as Otto Kolschwosky, then as Otto & Sons in 1928 and later to OSI Industries in 1975. In 2004 it changed to OSI Group LLC. It has continued being a lead food provider globally. OSI Industries has been trusted by the global food market to provide apt food solutions regarding processing and extraction.

The employees at OSI Industries are technology-aware and are interested in Android Push Notifications, Site-Side Optimization, as well as Functional testing. The company uses at least 33 technologies including Google font API, Viewpoint Meta, and Mobile/iPhone compatible. This has placed it at an advantage over its competitors, Cargill, Smithsfield, and Hormel Foods.

OSI Industry has a total revenue of $6.1 billion and has 14 subsidiary companies. The company is still expanding according to the vision of the president, Sheldon Lavin. It has a sub-organization known as Creative Foods Europe. OSI industries acquired Dove Valley and Padley Poultry in 2004, Poultry Processor Amik in 2006, opened a culinary Innovation Center in Aurora in 2011, collaborated with Doyoo group in 2013 to come up with DaOSI and also bought Tyson Foods for $7 billion in 2016.

OSI supplies meat to leading food establishments like KFC, McDonalds, PizzaHut, Subway, and Starbucks. The company has more than 65 facilities in North America, Asia, and Western and Eastern Europe.

Awards and Recognition
OSI Group employs more than 20,000 people headed by David McDonald as the President and Sheldon Lavin as the CEO and Chairman. OSI Group serves about 17 countries worldwide, where it has received awards like the Globe of Honor in the UK by the British Safety Council in 2016. In 2016, Forbes recognized OSI Industries as number 58 on the list of the biggest private companies in America, an improvement from position 138 in 2011. BSC also recognized OSI with an award of merit in 2018 at International Safety awards.

The Journey and Challenges of Guilherme Paulus

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The business life is something every person aspires to experience, but only a few survive. They are tough challenges and problems that you need to conquer as an investor to be named as a successful business person. With the poor job market across the globe, more and more people are opting to start their businesses. Well, all hope is not lost; there are successful investors like Guilherme Paulus, who continue to make headlines which you can emulate.Guilherme Paulus is the owner of the biggest tourism agency, CVC, in Brazil. He is also the founder and owner of the famous GJP hotels that are currently spread out all over Brazil. Paulus dream is to ensure that all the citizens of Brazil have access to their services by increasing the number of their stores to 2000.

Guilherme Paulus is considered one of the most influential personalities in the state of Brazil. This is because of the impact he has had on the GDP of the nation with his tourism activities. Forbes Magazine even recognized him with respect to improving the GDP of his country. Paulus is also a hero of the nation because of improving the lifestyle of his citizens. This is through the  better employment opportunities his enterprises have brought to the company.Paulus has not acquired all his wealth without having to deal with any challenges. He says that in the 2000’s when their president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, made a deal with France and French government on granting of visas they decided to start a CVC branch in Paris.

It was a good business idea because the French people love exotic trips. The challenge was the high prices the whole process cost. Also, they expanded their services to a 21- day circuit covering Ushuaia, Argentina, Peru, and Foz do Iguaçu. The challenge was many people did not know it was a travelling agency because it simply read CVC. The other mistake they did that cost them was hiring Brazilians to meet the French.Guilherme Paulus advice to the young people is to listen to their elders. He advises entrepreneurs to pay attention and learn from the words of the wise if they want to accomplish success.


Malcolm CasSelle Provides WAX Cure to Cryptocurrency Drawbacks

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The market for virtual assets has always had to contend with widespread security problems. Rampant fraud has led to many incomplete receipts, delivery issues, and one-sided transactions. Users of both centralized and decentralized markets have not only had to put up with fraud but also fragmentation. To provide needed security digital markets have relied on an army of intermediary operators. International sales also require the use of intermediaries to handle the exchange of various currencies. So many fingers in the virtual pies have led to a rise in prices and overall stall in transaction times. Such hurdles have prevented cryptocurrency from gaining a mainstream platform and continue to bar its access. Blockchains have changed all that however, and a new trading platform from OPSkins plans to change a lot more.

OPSkins is a global leader for in-game asset sales. It is also the largest Bitcoin merchant on Earth. Much of this is due to Malcolm CasSelle, the current CIO of OPSkins and the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX is a P2P trading platform that operates in a decentralized market. It uses blockchains to eliminate both fraud and fragmentation in a manner CasSelle heralds as the future. In fact, CasSelle believes that WAX is the key to cryptocurrency going mainstream. In a recent statement he proclaimed that the gaming industry is the fuse that will light everything up. As gamers worldwide have been dealing in digital assets for years, a market like WAX could very well create the interest necessary for cryptocurrency’s evolution.

Blockchains use cryptography to create huge data chains. These chains keep track of all transaction on the digital market. They allow for the creation of smart contracts that guarantee honest, straight-forward, and successful transactions. They also eliminate the need for a middleman which deals out fragmentation.

A graduate of both MIT and Stanford with corresponding graduate degrees in Computer Science, CasSelle has been part of the virtual world since ’95. CasSelle, who was an early investor in Bitcoin as well as Facebook, has always been at the forefront of innovation. He sees such innovation in blockchains and is banking on their future success with WAX.

Fortress Investment Group Takes its Leadership a Notch Higher

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Leadership has been one of the pillars that have supported the success of Fortress Investment Group in its quest for efficient customer service delivery in the Industry. It has been through the help of its leaders that the organization has emerged as the cream of the financial sector. The leadership of the organization is always an important factor in any organization that wants to achieve success and to remain relevant in the competitive industry. Leaders make critical decisions about the progress of the company and help the entity to avoid losses and extreme financial difficulties that can cripple an entity. Fortress Investment Group is probably one of the asset managers in the industry who can be proud of the experienced management leaders who have been able to push the organization to greater heights.

It is evident that the leadership of Fortress Investment Group has been the main reason as to why the company has been excelling in a significant number of aspects. Most of the leaders at this entity are highly experienced leaders, and they have worked in other organizations where they gained significant knowledge. Wes Edens, Peter Briger, and Randal Nardone are all professional financial analysts who have sufficient expertise in understanding the money market and the whole industry before implementing a particular decision.Large corporate organizations have been dominating the industry for a longer period because they have strategic plans which enable them to remain relevant regardless of the changes in the industry.

Fortress Investment Group is one of the financial entity that has remained competitive and relevant in the financial industry for an extended period despite the extreme competition offered by other entities in the industry. Here are some important lessons that other upcoming entities can learn from the financial manager.Besides investing in opportunities that would help the entity to only invest in profitable ventures, Fortress Group got other additional benefits that it had not anticipated. The company was able to determine that the market will experience inflation tendencies that would lead to the collapse of a significant number of the financial markets. The firm used this information to provide itself with stability that would enable it to withstand the market shocks that were likely to hit the industry.

Technology and Business Growth the Eric Lefkosky Way

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American entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky, has helped found five technology startups in the industry. He is the co-founder and CEO at Tempus, a thriving technology company that houses the worlds largest library of clinical and molecular data aimed to battle cancer. Their mission is to acquire as much data as possible from current cancer patients for the sake of future patients. That data is used by doctors and scientists to produce the better treatment to meet another patient’s individual requirements in the future.

By partnering with physicians and hospitals, Tempus receives access to genomic sequences which is a step closer to being able to treat a potential future cancer patient. This mix of technology, innovation, and healthcare would not be complete without adding the technology pursuer, Eric Lefkofsky.Eric Lefkofsky’s endeavors have brought in billions of dollars. In his book, THE Disruptive Businesses Understanding the True Speed of Innovation, he explains how disruptive businesses are created and how to seriously make your visions come to reality.

Accelerated Disruption deals with choosing the correct industries to be innovated in, getting the best out of workers, developing business strategies that aid your business during critical stages of its growth, and so much more. Developing a business these days go hand in hand with some or most aspects of technology. Being able to use it and innovate from it, is something that business owners have to adapt to in order to thrive. Technology is not going anywhere, in fact, it gives us access to everywhere. The growth of technology may be intimidating for some, for Eric Lefkofsky, however, lives his life in partnership with technology. This partnership has profited him billions of dollars but also has helped many people over the years. If a business mindset is necessary to be successful, the use of technology is crucial.

A Glimpse of Southridge Capital and the Company’s Future Strategic Direction

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Founded in 1996, Southridge Investment Group is a private equity firm based in Connecticut providing investment banking and security brokerage services. The company has headquarters in Ridgefield, Connecticut and Currently has a staff of 50 employees.


Southridge Capital uses unique financial techniques, and its staff has expertise in customizing business and financial plans according to specific needs and executing the programs. Experience gained through financing over 300 private and public companies around the world has brought a unique understanding of complex issues that face growing entities.



Stephen M. Hicks, who is the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Southridge company and controls business development and task execution. The CEO has industry experience in investments of more than 30 years. Stephen Hicks has extensive know-how in financial structuring, derivatives, risk arbitrage strategy and investment banking. In a recent interview, the Southridge Capital CEO details the humble beginnings of the company from a small hedge fund based in New York.


The organization has established a routine of reviewing portfolios and listing items to accomplish as a team, identifying new opportunities while ascertaining the existing investments are on track. Having the Southridge Capital in operation for more than 20 years has the added advantage of a more in-depth understanding of the workings of Wall St. Individuals can quickly identify the organization when they need financing for their companies.


Having a daily list and focusing on cash proceeds from daily portfolios is a habit that the Southridge Capital CEO cultivates within the organization to increase productivity. Hicks states that having fewer deals and focusing on cash instead of the returns has worked for the company. He offers advice on the rule never to let good money chase after bad money. For more details visit Bloomberg.



The Southridge Capital CEO is open to new ideas and currently is enthusiastic about the development of cryptocurrencies. He views starting channels for cryptocurrency, either actual or podcast in an explosive cryptocurrency industry through the form of CNBC as the future. Further recommending several web and print resources like Wall Street Journal online, Quotestream and OTC markets that are helpful in providing historical information on the markets and industry trends.


Gareth Henry Is Still Fighting For His Fellow LGBTQ Refugees

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Gareth Henry has not always been able to truly be himself. He faced persecution and even death for being gay back home in Jamaica, and he was forced to flee or be killed. There are many people back home who are still being beaten, mobbed, threatened, and even killed because of the intolerance to their sexual preference. There are even some that are reduced to living in the sewers and in the cemeteries in order to stay alive. This type of intolerance toward gays is not uncommon, and there are many countries who still frown upon on a gay lifestyle.

Gareth Henry became a refugee in order to survive, and he had also gotten his family to safety as well. Even being associated with or related to someone who is gay in Jamaica can be dangerous. Gareth Henry has lost countless friends simply because of people who hate difference, and many of them were quite young and had a whole life ahead of them.

He has not forgotten, and Gareth Henry is working hard to help those who are in situations that are dangerous and intolerant. He is working with the Rainbow Railroad which is an organization that helps refugees to get to safety from their home countries that are intolerant of their lifestyles. He has helped dozens of refugees to escape and has probably helped to save their lives.

Jamaica is beginning to make some progress, and it has held its third PRIDE celebration which celebrates LGBTQ community, but there is a lot of progress that still needs to come about. There are still many violent acts against gays that are occurring on a daily basis. There is still punishment against sexual acts between same-sex partners, and many Jamaicans do not support the repeal for the removal of this law. The majority if the country also does not support equal rights for trans people or gay man either. Gareth Henry is still committed to homeland, and he still urges progress for the LGBTQ community no matter how long it takes. He knows it’s important to stick together.

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Networking Difficulties And GoBuyside’s Take On It

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Recently, Daily Forex Report released an article entitled “New York’s GoBuyside: 7 Challenges and Solutions of Investment Management Recruiting”. Written by Caleb Garvin, it explores a variety of topics in-depth and cites a lot of information from the professionals at a company known as GoBuyside. One of the most important sections of this article is about networking difficulties with investment managing recruitment. For this section of their article, Daily Forex interviewed Arjun Kapur. Kapur is the founder of GoBuySide. He weighs in on the issue of difficulty networking in a world that has been consumed by social media and digital media. Both of these things can harm a business networking capabilities.

While setting up profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more may be extremely easy to do, business leaders are finding out quickly that likes and follows may do little to nothing when it comes to converting these online interactions to real-life customers. Arjun Kapur gives a detailed section of advice on how to deal with networking difficulties. And unlike many others in business, Kapur says that he actively avoids social media. Instead, he says he focuses on external innovation. This means entrepreneurs spending less time on social media and more time brainstorming.

aily Forex also goes on to talk about the recent privacy issues associated with Facebook and other social media platforms. These privacy issues have made many consumers wary of using Facebook and other social media platforms. GoBuySide specializes in investment management recruiting. They are a firm based out of the New York City area. Founded in 2011 by current CEO Arjun Kapur, GoBuySide is a for-profit firm that has expanded their technology to reach over 500 clients worldwide. GoBuySide develops lasting relationships with the companies that they serve. Arjun Kapur is a graduate of John Hopkins and has his MBA from Stanford University.


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