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“Isn’t It Romantic” Rebel Wilson, Priyanka Chopra-Jones, And Adam DeVine Shared A Dance Scene

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“Isn’t It Romantic”, one of the most awaited films this Valentine’s Day, released yet another clip that showcases the performances of its talented casts.

Its three main stars, Rebel Wilson, Priyanka Chopra-Jones, and Adam DeVine shared the stage and dances to one of Whitney Houston’s greatest hits: I Wanna Dance With Somebody. In addition, Wilson shared one of her most surprising experiences in the “Isn’t It Romantic” set.

A week before the movie “Isn’t It Romantic” is released in the cinemas, another teaser clip was released in the official Warner Bros. Pictures account, as well as in the Fandango Twitter account.

The clip shows characters Natalie (which is played by Rebel Wilson), Yoga instructor Isabella (which is played by Priyanka Chopra-Jones), and Josh (which is played by Adam DeVine) dancing inside a club while singing “I Wanna Be Somebody”.

In this performance, Natalie and Isabella are trying to get the attention of Josh, who is one of Natalie’s love interests in this film. The dancing and singing continued in over a minute until Natalie successfully got the attention of her earnest friend. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

It can be remembered that Adam DeVine already hinted this performance before during his interview with the Hollywood Reporter. A sing and dance performance was hinted between him and his “Pitch Perfect” co-star, with him even joking that fans will not be satisfied if there isn’t a musical performance. It turns out, they even added Chopra-Jones in the mix as a bonus.

“Isn’t It Romantic” stars are in the full force in promoting their movie. Just this Wednesday, Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth (who portrays Blake, Natalie’s other love interests) sat in the Good Morning America show and promoted the movie.

Wilson talked about how Hemsworth helped her be at ease in the set, including in their love scene. She also hinted that Hemsworth is a funny guy in the film. Wilson hinted that Hemsworth also “sings and dances in the film too.” Will we see Hemsworth in a musical performance?

Rebel Wilson also revealed that while she and Liam Hemsworth were taping the love scene, two of her toenails fell off. In order to film the scenes, she makes up artist needed to use a super glue under the sheets to glue the toenails back. This revelation surprised even her movie co-star. Wilson. Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus-Hemsworth might even go to date as a trouble in this coming Valentine’s Day.

“Isn’t It Romantic” will be released this February 13. However, fans who would want to see this film outside the US and Canada would need to wait for the end of the month for its Netflix release.

The film is directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson and is produced by Todd Garner, Grant Scharbo, and Gina Matthews.

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Vijay Eswaran impact to develop the society

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Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman and author. He is the owner and holds a management position of the QI Group of companies. This is an institution which runs its business in over 30 nations. The enterprise headquarter is located in Hong Kong. Eswaran interest in guiding business people resulted in building Quest International University Perak. He got support from the local government in 2011. Through this learning institution, he has been able to offer economical education, making it easy for parents to enroll their children. The campus is among the fast developments in Malaysia with more than 16000 from 31 different nations.

Under Vijay Eswaran leadership, the business is building Qi city which will function as the new main campus. His vision is to have a green university which will be free from pollution. The city shall comprise of health facilities, accommodation and trade spaces. During 2005, he established RYTHM and Vijayaratn Foundation. The institution’s purpose is to concentrate on community projects and kids with special requirement across Asia and Africa. This foundation formed TAARANA, which is a learning institution for children having learning disabilities in Malaysia.

Eswaran career initiated in the direct selling business; this is the point where he learned how to approach and curb management issues. He gets inspiration from customers’ reviews on how the business transformed their lives. Through these positive remarks, he urges his individuals to be creative and maintain development. He has been recognized for his philanthropic efforts in the society, leading him to be awarded. During his tenure of business, he observed that it is not the firm that prospers rather the people in it. This is because the workers put in their efforts and creativity of the company to succeed. Besides his career in business, he enjoys writing and reading books.

Boraie Development Unparalleled Luxury

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Boraie Development is a urban real estate company that focuses on development, property management and marketing. Boraie employs the best financial institutions and architects to bring to life the best living spaces.

One prestigious building that Boraie Development has built and manages is The Aspire. This building is located in New Jersey and holds 238 residential units. It features a doorman, attached parking, fitness center, rooftop sundeck and garden as well as much more. The building is next to the New Brunswick Train Station, shopping, dining and nightlife which affords residents an active social life.

Shaquille O’Neal has partnered with Boraie to build Shaq Tower in Newark. O’Neal is a Newark native and is aspiring to give back to the community by building a luxury apartment complex that stands tall and proud and highlights the upward mobility of Newark. The apartment complex is close by to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center as well as a shopping center that includes Whole Foods. Shaq has been determined to give back to his community and make it beautiful again, and this partnership with Boraie helps to put a polish in Newark. A project called Project IMPACT helped to train people local to Newark for unionized work on the building project and has helped 18 people become apprentices.

Boraie Development works with leaders in finance and architecture to develop and manage luxury living spaces across the United States. Partnering with Shaq and building a luxury building in Newark also promotes building up communities and the people who live there. Boraie Development not only builds beautiful buildings in wonderful neighborhoods, but continues to support it’s residents with excellent service and quality. Their buildings feature doormen, parking, extra spaces for work, play and exercise as well as utilizing outside spaces to get sun, garden and grill.

A Few Tips For Marketers Brought To You By KOI IXS and Edwin Miranda

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Edwin Miranda was asked in a recent interview about the concept of marketing. Does he have any advice for those looking to get into marketing? You will find an excerpt from our conversation with Edwin Miranda below. How does someone get into this field, especially if they have very little to no experience? According to Edwin Miranda, marketing is one small branch on the tree of sales support. According to Edwin Miranda, you should try to find a job with the company you want to work for in the sales area. The goal is to understand how cash flow works. You cannot understand the concept of marketing until you understand how cash flows in and out of a company.

“The goal of marketing is to convince someone to buy your products or services. There could be a hundred other people selling the same thing. You need to get them to buy yours, not theirs. Marketing does not exist without sales.”

-Edwin Miranda

What about the cover letters and resumes?

Here is the thing: Resumes represent where you have been. A cover letter tells where you want to be. You need to care more about the cover letter because that is what gets you in the door. You also need to be where the people are. There could be a major event with a company and if you are not there everything you do is meaningless. Your cover letter is the selling point. You have to sell yourself in a way that you have never had to before. You also cannot enter this world thinking you know everything. You might have gotten straight A’s in college, but that does not mean anything. You are always going to be learning. Read More.

Learn More About The US Money Reserve

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The US Reserve helps you make the first steps towards gold ownership. As Gold Authority® leaders, they have been able to offer the industry standard in gold. Over the past year, they’ve seen more people interested in precious metals. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | PR Newswire

They make it easy to shop for premium products. Clients have access to gold, silver, and platinum buying options. They’re client-connected while allowing their customers to order directly from the USMR website. They make sure you can own gold at a good price. In fact, their gold has a rating of 99.99 percent purity. You’ll love being a member of the US Money Reserve.

Their CEO, Philip Diehl would like to invite their clients to their transparent online pricing chart. Plus, they offer a free IRA at the USMR. Diehl has always had a strong conversation about precious metals. He’s determined to bring more gold ownership customers to the industry than ever before.

In fact, he’s been able to help the US Money Reserve customers understand the importance of including gold in their portfolio. As the former director of the US Mint, Diehl has created hundreds of authentic professional relationships in the gold industry. Today, he remains committed to the value of the precious metal industry.

Rare Signature Ronald Reagan Commencement Coin

Late president, Ronald Reagan made history with the 1985 Bullion Act. His notable act made way for the US Gold Eagle coin. The rare coin was signed into law as one of the first government backed US coins. In celebration of his popular decision, the USMR has the only signed Ronald Reagan coin in the world. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The coin was designed by the Perth design company. The rare 2 ounce coin will only be available in the United States through the US Money Reserve, but the signature coin will be available for purchase from around the world. The rare coin is signed by Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan.

Their premium gold, silver, and platinum products come in a beautiful collectors box. Their packaging conceals the contents of each order for your protection. You never have to worry about your package getting lost in the mail with a shipment guarantee.

They also guarantee your shipment within 30 days of your order. The advertising of their coins, bars, and bullions has helped them become recent recipients of the Adsense Award. The customers of the US Money Reserve can buy with complete confidence on their official website.

Alastair Borthwick– an Adventurous Soldier

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Alastair Borthwick, born on 17 February 1913 in Rutherglen, was a successful Scottish author and broadcaster. He was raised partially in Troon and Glasgow. His writing career started when he joined the Glasgow Weekly Herald, a newspaper, where he wrote on the Open-Air page. He discovered rock climbing, an activity that was becoming increasingly common among the Glaswegians.

 His first book, Always a Little Further, was published in 1939 after being Herald’s Open-Air page writer for some time. The book helped the Scottish people to appreciate the mountains and be participative in climbing as Scotland is enriched with an amazing and beautiful scenery of mountains. As a result, most people, particularly those unemployed, found joy and interest in walking to the mountains and taking in the unending elegance of nature. This created a climbing mountain movement that started the formation of climbing clubs around Scotland.

Alastair Borthwick was not only interested in the actual mountain climbing but also adventure aspects such as, the personalities and emotions of the people doing the mountain climbing.

Alastair Borthwick was a man of many talents. He was also a radio and television broadcaster and made a career out of writing and presenting programs. However, in the start of the second world war, he chose to serve his country as a private in the Highland Light Infantry. He was a part of a Seaforth division, a British Army Unit, that served in North Africa, Sicily, France, Holland, Italy, Germany and also in the Western Europe.

In 1941 he worked as a Battalion Intelligence Officer where he was responsible for the navigation component. His incredibly courageous and significant service of fighting for freedom, justice, and human decency achieved him a rank of captain and later promoted to war substantive lieutenant of the Reconnaissance Corps.

After his service, Alastair Borthwick was commissioned to write a history of his battalion in the war. This was his second book, Sans Peur, later republished as Battalion, authored from a perspective of an officer who fought on the front line and highly acclaimed for making his country proud.

Dan Bethelmy Rada shares her inspirational story.

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Dan Bethelmy is a professional in the business field committed to the development of enterprises.She has extensive knowledge and skills in business having acquired her bachelor’s degree in commerce and a masters degree in International Business. Dan Bethelmy Rada is known for her expertise and success she has enjoyed at L’Oreal company.

Professional Development

She started her professional career at L’Oreal company immediately after leaving university. The L’Oreal company specialises in the provision of beauty therapy to its customers through its unique product offering to the market. The L’Oreal company entrusted her with a Product Management position where she was assigned the role of the head of that department. Dan Bethelmy Rada’s ability to coordinate and manage enabled her to develop her skills and motivate her team.

Dan Bethelmy Rada interpersonal skills have enabled her to make significant steps in her professional journey. She has developed within the company to become one of the top management executives at L’Oreal company. Dan Bethelmy Rada expertise in marketing enabled her company to be recognised as the best antibacterial company. Dan Bethelmy creativity in social media marketing has allowed the company to penetrate in various markets worldwide.L’Oreal company prides to having its markets in all continents. Dan Bethelmy Rada currently serves as the global leader of the Matrix and Biolage Brands.

Dan’s passion and lessons learned

Dan Bethelmy Rada is also a passionate photographer and traveller. She loves taking pictures and incorporates the marketing field with photography through creativity. Bethelmy loves travelling and has spent her entire career making trips in different countries. She started travelling at a tender age. She has lived in Venezuela, the United States of America and France. During travelling, she has interacted from people from multiple cultures. She has amassed a lot of knowledge on the importance of cultural integration which is a significant step in effective marketing.

She says that she has learned that success is an ongoing process which is measured in different parameters. She says that the challenges in the job environment have helped her to schedule time effectively to ensure she balances her work and time for her family. Dan attributes her success in the business field to her ability to set realistic goals, determination to succeed and prioritisation.

How Jacob Gottlieb Altium Capital Is Disrupting The Health Care Industry

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Jacob Gottlieb has been known as one of the titans of healthcare investing for the past several years due to his focus on implementing rapid growth across many of the companies that he’s worked alongside. Now he’s adding another feather to his cap with his recent Altium Capital venture. As a number of reports have suggested, the investment fund will be focused on high-growth companies across the health care industry.

Based in New York, the company is purportedly looking to find and grow companies that can provide significant advancements across the entire health care industry. So far, Altium Capital has already made a few key investments with some companies; chief among these is Oramed Pharmaceuticals, in which the investment fund bought a 5.61% stake.

According to reports, Oramed Pharmaceuticals is focused on providing a few alternative treatments for diabetes patients; one of the most notable of these is an oral medication that may help diabetes patients who are otherwise dependent on injections. Over the past few years, the company has released an ingestible insulin capsule and an oral Glucagon-like peptide-1 capsule. The success of both of these products may have been what made Jacob Gottlieb and Altium Capital interested in the first place. The company is also well known for using scientists and medical staff who are experts in that particular field.

Another significant investment for Altium Capital and Jacob Gottlieb was the Amarin Corporation. Amarin has been focused on developing and manufacturing medicines that help with cardiovascular health. The companies first product was approved by the FDA in 2012; Amarin has since developed a number of other highly successful medicinal products in the years since. This success was what initially attracted Jacob Gottlieb, and its potential for growth has been evident to many health care professionals over the past few years.

Matthew Fleeger and some of his Achievements in the Energy Industry

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At the helm of Gulf Coast Western, the businessman has played a key role as its Chief Executive Officer and President. One of the main reasons for its continued growth is successful partnerships with other players in the sector where the firms combine their resources and knowledge to increase their capacity to identify and exploit more oil and gas reservoirs. The energy company has focused on exploring the gulf coast part of the United States. Under the leadership of Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western has succeeded in identifying and utilizing properties with good returns in the long run.

One of the achievements of Matthew Fleeger is developing good working relationships with all the partners of Gulf Coast Western. Some of the core values that the stakeholders at the firm are expected to adhere to include honesty and integrity. The energy company was established more than four decades ago as a family business and it operates in various parts of the United States including Texas, Mississippi, and Colorado. In Louisiana, Gulf Coast Western has partnered with two other energy companies. It acquired a significant amount of Orbit Energy’s assets and access to its seismic data.

The other partnership that Mathew Fleeger’s company has developed is with Northcote Energy and Gas. Gulf Coast Western was given access to many wells in Louisiana. The acquired wells were expected to have a capacity of over 800 oil barrels a day. To increase its production capacity, Gulf Coast Western acquired more wells. The agreement between the two energy firms also gave Mathew Fleeger’s company access to seismic data that was to be used in several projects. Gulf Coast Western acquired half of the assets under Northcote Energy. In the near future, Gulf Coast Western hopes to establish more acres of areas that are rich in oil and gas.