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Goldstein Hosts Wine Dinner to Help Raise Money for Mental Health Issues

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It’s no surprise that a student who graduates cum laud with a distinction in all subjects from Cornell University and goes on to get his Juris Doctor (JD) degree from New York University would make waves- and in a good way.

Meet Jeremy Goldstein, an attorney who is known for acquisitions such as Goodrich by United Technologies, Duke Energy/Progress Energy, and Bank of America Corporation/MBNA Corporation. Given this, it’s no wonder that he is also very involved in the community as well.

During May 2018, Goldstein and his friends hosted two wine dinners in order to support Fountain House, a company in which he is on the board of directors. The first dinner was held on the rooftop of the NoMad hotel and, along with amazing food, had a very prestigious Chateau Latour wine vintages. The event went over so well that they hosted a second event later in the month. The two events combined raised fifty-six thousand dollars for the Foundation House.

Foundation House is dedicated to helping men and women who have mental health issues. They recognize that mental health issues can cause people to not be able to not have good relationships or be able to hold jobs. Their company is able to secure jobs for forty-two percent of the people they help, which is an amazing statistic when people consider that eighty-five percent of people with mental health issues do not work. Read more: Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Jeremiah Goldstein Hosts Wine Dinner Supporting Fountain House

In addition to helping people with mental health issues secure jobs, they guide people with housing, health and wellness and how to transition into adulthood. Their goal is to help people every step of the way. Follow Jeremy on Twitter

The organization has done so well that they now have three hundred locations in thirty-two states and thirty different countries and they counldn’t do it without people like Jeremy Goldstein.

Passion: The Key To Success

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People are often told to follow their passions. They are constantly reminded that no amount of money would compare to the satisfaction that one gets from practicing their passion. The challenge however, is the ability to fuse their passion with purpose they are meant to serve in the community. Doctor Sameer Jejurikar a plastic surgeon in Dallas seemed to have mastered the art of doing this.

His Background

Sameer Jejurikar was a vibrant young boy who was born into a loving and caring family. He studied medicine at the University of Michigan medical school. Sameer Jejurikar then went ahead to begin his vibrant career in medicine as a plastic surgeon.

His career

Sameer Jejurikar who is among one of the best plastic surgeon has been in practice for about twenty years. He is among the best surgeons present in Dallas medical center and Pine Creek medical center. He says that it is very fulfilling when he sees how he impacts people’s lives. Sameer states that plastic surgery transforms people’s lives. Since it presents them with a chance to change what they are insecure about in their bodies. He says that it even ends up making the patients more self-aware and confident. It also enables some of them to chase after their dreams and therefore end up living fulfilled lives.

His patients seem to agree of his expertise and describe their experiences as overwhelming. So much so that they voted for him as the most compassionate doctor, a certificate of appreciation which doctor Sameer Jejurikar was awarded with. Not long after the American Registry added to this honor by adding it to the registry.

Sameer Jejurikar as a doctor practicing his passion has worked tirelessly to serve people and to transform their lives for the better.

Alastair Borthwick Brings Hiking To New Heights

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Hiking became an important part of the lives of the common people in Europe while the world was going through an economic crisis. The unemployment rates were skyrocketing and there were just no jobs available. This left a lot of people with a free time but no money to spend on entertainment. This is how hiking and climbing in Scotland became a spot that was no longer just for the rich. It was during this time that writer and broadcaster Alastair Borthwick first began writing about the sport in the Open Air page for the Glasgow Herald.

Alastair Borthwick spent the majority of his time hiking in the Scottish Hills. He was sociable by nature and enjoyed making a connection to anyone that he came across while he was hiking. Because of this, he met some interesting people and recounted the interesting stories that he heard in his columns and book Always a Little Further. Writing about hiking wasn’t a new concept at the time. It had been written about many times before but always from the perspective of someone that was well to do and visiting exotic locations during their hiking excursions.

The people that Alastair Borthwick was writing about during his time in hiking were the people who didn’t have much or any money at all. He met a lot of the people who were part of the crowd that inspired a huge growth in hostels across Europe. Young people who couldn’t find work were spending their time trekking across the continent and make the best out of their situation. The elite who had seen the sport as an exclusive club were generally not happy about this development. Finally, the common citizens of Scotland were able to read about hiking from a perspective that they could relate to.

When Alastair Borthwick published his book Always a Little Further, he collected the stories that he had written about in the Open Air Column and put them in one work. To this day, people still read and enjoy the book. It still inspires people to get climbing.