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Norman Pattiz Steers PodcastOne To Success

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Recently, Ideamensch hosted Norman Pattiz for an interview. It zeroed in on understanding the driving force behind the executive leader’s success. Norman is PodcastOne’s founder and executive chairman. With over 40 years of experience in radio syndication, Norman has established himself as one of the icons in the industry. In the recent past, the Forbes Magazine celebrated his achievements.

Norman is credited with founding Westwood One. This corporation has been on a growth trajectory. During his tenure, Norman helped to establish the company as America’s largest provider of sports, entertainment, talk, news, and traffic programming. Westwood One has been associated with numerous radio networks such as the CNN Radio, CBS News, NFL Football, and NCAA Basketball.

After leaving Westwood One, Norman went on to focus on how to generate new content. During the same time, he was introduced to Kit Gray. Gray had extensive experience with podcasts. During this period, Kit was representing other people’s podcast. He was working from his apartment in Marina Del Rey. Norman instantly knew that that podcast was the Westwood One of the digital world. Pattiz was pleased with the idea and partnered with Kit to grow their business. The two entrepreneurs started contributing more contents to the mix and PodcastOne was born. The company has since enjoyed exponential growth in the four years that it has been in operation.

Since PodcastOne is still a small company, Norman is involved in most of its activities. This approach ensures that clients receive high-quality services. At the firm, the executive leader’s typical day starts by attending to ad sales, talent acquisition, and technology. He has an assistant, who keeps track of the work and informs him on any new developments.

Bringing an idea to life is an intricate process. For Norman, the most difficult part of the process is implementation. At PodcastOne, ideas come up every single day. Before executing any ideas, Norman looks at the capacity of the company. This information was originally reported on Ideamensch as highlighted in this link

Norman is pleased with the extent of content consumption. Although there still exists a couple of gatekeepers, it is now easier to reach the public, as there are unlimited pathways through which the materials can be passed.

Norman contends that an entrepreneur should learn about the trends in his or her industry. Information on who the players in the field are and what is happening in the industry helps an entrepreneur to plan for his or business effectively. Norman encourages entrepreneurs to embrace a positive attitude at the work place. He remains focused by staying busy, happy, and engaged.


Renovating Nationwide Title Clearing to Abolish Title Defects

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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has reacted to the need for change in title defects through making property reports easier. The move allows sellers and buyers to access all services through online ordering. Title defects have become a serious issue within the real estate market in current years. It has caused different views from people. Some people think that leads to illegal foreclosure while others believe that it delays the movement of assets within the market.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a firm specializing in research and document service provider in residential mortgage and finance fields. The company’s manager believes that property records are responsible for ensuring deliverance of a clear title and a decrease in buybacks.


Title Defects


Title defects often result when an individual or entity contests upon a property with the “supposed” original owner. A title can also be invalid due to wording problems in the document or absence of a signature on the document that is necessary for transaction processes. Additionally, the presence of prior liens and encumbrances in the document can invalidate a title. A title is void when real estate documents are incorrectly filed.


The Chairman of NTC, John Hillman advises sellers and buyers to address title defects before selling or transferring properties. The firm further supports the modernizing mortgage industry through making property reports available for online ordering. The available services include tax status report, current owner report and assignment verification report.


NTC obtains information from several sources including the counties. The firm has developed an automated system with human verification to ensure accuracy. This practice has earned the company the ability to serve eight of the top 10 largest lenders in the United States.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Overview


NTC is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. It is a private company specializing in research and document service provision in the domestic mortgage industry. NTC is popular for protecting homeowners and safeguarding the country’s land record. It provides expertise in property reports, lien release services, and document tracking.


NTC declared its intention to open a new office inclusive of an innovative data center in Dallas, Texas. NTC’s head of information security officer Scotty McEntire will be present in the new agency. The office will include a complete disaster recovery site for all data, infrastructure, and staffing. NTC has won several awards for its charitable services, public involvement, and for its friendly work environment. The opening of the new office will give the firm an opportunity to duplicate the model in Midwest.


Norman Pattiz: A Broadcasting Mogul

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Norman Pattiz is the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One, a company which became America’s largest provider of news, talk, entertainment and traffic programming under his leadership. NBC radio networks, CNN Radio, CBS News, NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, The Super Bowl, the Mutual Broadcasting System and a wide variety of talk shows and syndicated music were either managed, owned or distributed by Westwood One. In May 2016, Forbes published an in-depth, four-page feature that celebrated “Pattiz’s key to money-making media” and “his celebrity-infused greatest hits.”



Pattiz founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 to produce and distribute quality programming. He recognized the untapped opportunities in the audio-in demand industry and then launched PodcastOne at the end of 2012. PodcastOne took massive leaps forward and became the leading producer and distributor of audio-on-demand programming. A few of the on-line personalities and brands that PodcastOne boasts include Adam Carolla, Steve Austin, Heather Dubrow, Chris Jericho, Larry King, Shaquille O’Neal, Penn Jillette, Laura Ingraham, TheCHIVE, Freakonomics and more than 200 of the most popular podcasts at the moment.

Norman Pattiz was born in 1943. He is married to Dr. Mary Turner Pattiz who has been by his side for nearly 30 years. Mary is a former radio personality and chairman of the board of the Betty Ford Center. They live in both Santa Barbara, California and Beverly Hills, California. Norman received the Giant of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting. He was also inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. Pattiz serves as the Regent of the University of California and the Chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. Pattiz is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council on International Relations.

In an interview with Ideamensch, Pattiz said that his idea for PodcastOne came about after being introduced to Kit Gray who represented other people’s podcasts while working out of his apartment in Marina Del Rey. He also stated that he brings his ideas to life through implementation. He listens to great ideas and then assesses his company’s capacity for implementation. He advises fellow entrepreneurs to “read the trades” to be able to accurately identify the business they want to be involved in and the players in the industry. The stand-out strategy that has made Pattiz be a success in the broadcasting industry is staying busy, excited and engaged.


A Company That Cares – Securus Technologies

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When people want to make sure that they are safe, they think of the people that are out there doing those types of jobs. For both civil and criminal sectors of justice, the company, Securus Technologies is the leader at what they do. They invent all types of ways to deal with problems with inmates and the public with safety issues. They are publishing letters from their customers and clients on a regular basis to show how their work assists in the effort to make the world a safer place.


Many people do not understand the latest technology, and that is why the company has invited them to their facility to see it firsthand. When they come for the presentation, which will be held in Dallas, TX, they can see how the technology will benefit the public on a regular basis. When the people are there, they can also ask questions and receive answers directly from the company. They will learn a lot when they attend the presentation, which will also be very interesting, to say the very least.


Since their workers are exceptional, the future looks great for this company, because they are sought after for their excellence all across the country, and they are known and respected throughout the world.



Hussain Sajwani; the Founder and CEO of DAMAC Group

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The DAMAC group was established in 1992 by Hussain Sajwani. He was first involved in the catering business which he still owns. It is, however, his work in the real estate market that defined his career.



DAMAC has its headquarters in Dubai, but they have offices in the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, CIS States and the Far East.



Hussain Sajwani earned his undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Washington. After graduating, he got a job at the GASCO. In 1982, he established the Draieh Management Services Co which later became the DAMAC group.



In 2002 he formed the DAMAC properties. The goal of the company was to design and sell luxurious real estate properties.



Following the Dubai’s government declaration that they were allowing foreigners to own properties in Emirates, he bought a land that was in the underdeveloped part of the city. Even though it was underdeveloped, he managed to sell his first building within six months before he even began the construction.



DAMAC properties have expanded their territory, and they are now in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, North Africa, Jordan, and Lebanon.



His work in real estate attracted wealthy investors like Donald Trump. In 2013, Hussain Sajwani teamed up with Donald Trump to develop two golf courses that will bear the name of Donald Trump. The first golf course opened in February 2017. The other one will be designed by Tiger Woods and will be opened at the end of 2018.



In 2016, Hussain Sajwani offered Donald Trump a $2 billion deal which he declined. This was after the elections where he won the presidency. He said that he didn’t want to have the conflict of interest. The president may have declined, but they are still business partners.



Hussain Sajwani is worth $3.6 billion. He has been ranked 527th billionaire in the world by Forbes and the 3rd richest man in the United Arab Emirates.

Waiakea Is One Of The Fastest Growing Beverage Companies

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Ryan Emmons was only 22 years old when he started Waiakea Water. It is a bottled water company that has made some serious inroads into the beverage industry. Emmons managed to inch his way into the market and establish brand loyalty and name recognition by focusing on social, sutainable and health components of his beverage.

Waiakea is not your regular bottled water or sports drink beverage. It is branded as and it really is Hawaiian volcano water. It is pumped from aquifers that are found underground on the Hawaiian Islands.

The water that feeds into the aquifers comes from snow and rain that slowly makes its way down into the underground aquifers by first passing through the volcano. On its journey down the volcano and through the ground, the water picks up minerals that give Waiakea water its unique taste and benefits.

Waiakea is different than other spring waters in several ways. The most defining feature of Waiakea is the fact the water has a silky smooth texture that is truly unique from other bottled water brands sold out there. It is also one of the few waters on the planet that is naturally alkaline. Learn more about more Waiakea Water:

This makes it effective against diseases such as osteoporosis, where bone density is lost and acid reflex disease. Alkaline foods and beverages act as a natural remedy against heartburn. The alkaline content also balances fluids in the body. Waiakea water is also rich in minerals. The water has a significant amount of magnesium, potassium and calcium which helps promote bone, skin, nail and hair health.

Today, Ryan’s Emmons’ brand is worth around $10 million dollars. It has grown astronomically since it was created. In just a few years, the company has grown over 4000% and is forecast to grow by over 170% in the next year. A lot of the growth, has to do with local stores and distributors wanting to carry the brand. Further adding to the growth is the addition of large supermarket chains such as Whole Foods, who now want to carry the brand in their stores.

Forbes said that to give you an idea of just how much Waiakea water has grown, consider these numbers. The firm sold only 2,304 bottled water cases in its first year. Today it sells well over 100,000 cases a year. Waiakea makes a strong sales pitch on sustainability by using recycled plastic to create its water bottles and renewable energy in its packing plants.

It also donates hundreds of liters of water to communities in need in Africa for each liter of water it sells. It is water that is good for you, good for the environment and good for people.

At Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund (NYSE:NHF) – Highland Capital is Ups it’s Stake

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Highland Capital Management, L.P as of late ventured up their position in Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund – NYSE:NHF, as indicated by the new SEC documenting. Presently, the store has 793,036 shares of the organization, which is 5.0% of the remarkable regular Stock, while Highland’s director James D. Dondero profitably claims 3.01 million shares at Nexpoint Credit Strategies, which represents an astounding 18.8% of the organization’s aggregate float. Toward the finishing of the second from last quarter, Highland revealed owning approximately $11.68 millions of shares at Nexpoint as it purchased 20,286 new shares of the organization in the period. This makes it the biggest partner in the organization, after Morgan Stanley, which claims over $16.77 million worth of NYSE:NHF shares. Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund is overseen by NexPoint Advisors, and a partner of Highland Capital Management.

Nexpoint Credit is not quite the same as the normal CEFs as it endeavors to surpass the arrival of the CS Hedge Fund & the HFR Global Hedge Fund Indexes. Indeed, even after the turn off, Nexpoint Credit kept heaping up its real estate resources through partnered REITs, Highland Real Estate Capital REIT and the Freedom REIT. The majority of the reserve’s properties are subsidiary possessions, either under the name of Highland Capital or James D. Dondero.

Mr. Dondero has over 30 years of association in value & credit markets, as he focused exceptionally on high return investment. After the launching of Highland Capital in 1993, the firm has been a pioneer in the market change of the Collateralized Loan Obligation – CLO among which it is setting up credit associated solutions for retail & institutional investors around the globe. The provisions of the award scoping product incorporate institutional separate records, hedge funds, CLOs, private equity funds, ETFs, shared assets, and REITs.

James Dondero is an alum from the Virginia University where he achieved his highest honors in Beta Alpha Psi & Beta Gamma Sigma from the McIntire School of Commerce with twofold majors in Finance & Accounting. Besides, he has been approved as Certified Management Accountant – CMA, Certified Public Accountant – CPA, and Chartered Financial Analyst – CFA. Mr. Dondero is part of the leader at Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical & NexBank whereby he acts as the chairperson. With his great experience, Dondero more so plays a role in the boards of MGM Studios & American Banknote.

Taking plastic surgery to the next level

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Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is a highly accomplished Cosmetic surgeon based in Austin, Texas. She has been featured in several magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Teen Vogue etc. Apart from being a media commentator, she is also a respected academic and her advice is sought on all things plastic surgery. Along with her busy practice, she serves on the board of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and is also a member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Walden currently practices at Jennifer L Walden M.D PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Centre.

Dr. Walden was meant to be a doctor. After all, she has the medical profession in her blood. Daughter of a dentist and nurse, she graduated from University of Texas Medical Branch as a salutatorian of her class! From there she moved to New York to practice under the tutelage of Dr, Sherrell Aston, at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. After moving back to her birthplace, Austin, Texas, to be near her family, she has never looked back.

As far as her medical practice is concerned she specializes in several disciplines. She pioneered the use of Vectra 3D, which is an imaging technology that digitally constructs the patient’s facial features, as it would look after surgery. Other types of work that Dr. Jennifer Walden excels in are, Radiofrequency for vaginal rejuvenation, hair restoration, skin, breast, and injectables. The good news is that she practices her trade in more than one location. Apart from Austin, she also works at Bella Medical Spa and the Hill Country Memorial Hospital, both located in Marble Falls, roughly 45-minute drive from Austin. Both locations have state of the art equipment. Even if a patient is from out of town the staff can help you. The staff at all the locations can assist patients in finding accommodations as well as transportation for any budget.


Doe Deere – article recap

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During a recent interview, Lime Crime founder, Doe Deere shared a lot of amazing secrets about her success, her management style, and the future of e-commerce. It is important to realize that the Russian born cosmetic guru arrived in the country in her teens. Deere was very ambitious from the start. She started out in a band. Later on, she started a clothing line. Her success with those endeavors led her to create a makeup line that matched her clothing line. Clearly, Doe Deere lets her unique beliefs about cosmetics drive her to even greater success. Deere believes that cosmetics are not to conceal imperfections, but to show an individual’s creativity.


Strong Beliefs

Clearly, it is important for an individual to have strong beliefs about their ideas and life. Deere’s strong beliefs about company management to beauty are very unique. She believes in team work and treating her employees, vendors, and customers with love and respect. Doe Deere strongly believes in uplifting and inspiring people. This positive feedback is the way to manage a company and gain respect. It is also the way to gain the respect of her customers and fans.


Trust Your Feelings

Doe Deere has an idea that she would like to share with today’s women entrepreneurs. Often, people try to force you to listen to their ideas and force you to do things that just don’t feel right for you. Deere relates that you should always go with your gut feeling. In other words, learn to trust your intuition. In most circumstances, your intuition will lead you down the right path. Deere listens to her intuition on most deals and product ideas. She never ventures forward, unless her gut feeling tells her that it is the right thing to do.


Achieving Success

Certainly, people have different idea about success. Some might determine success by the size of their wallet or the amount of money that they make. Doe Deere relates that her idea of success in the cosmetic industry is having an idea for a product that closely relates to her audience. She envisions them really loving to wear her product creations. In other words, success is making her customers happy. Doe Deere relates that her biggest success to date is the new liquid to matte lipstick that she designed. The Velventines are an amazing success story for the company. In addition, the entire line of Velvetines are certified cruelty free.

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How the USHEALTH Group Fulfills the Needs of its Clients

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The USHEALTH Group is one of the highly recognized providers of health insurance solutions to the United States people. The company offers its solutions through its subsidiaries, and they are the National Foundation Life Insurance Company, the Freedom Life Insurance Company, and the Enterprise Life Insurance Company. The primary aim of the affiliates is to provide exceptional solutions to the clients, and it has always customized them according to their budget and needs. The insurance firm’s premises are based in Fort Worth, Texas. The USHEALTH Group has always devoted itself to offering the most reliable healthcare insurance solutions in the United States. It offers a broad range of comprehensive products and services that suit the varying needs of the clients. The solutions that it offers include insurance for specific diseases, accidents for the self-employed, life, and family. The has been trusted by more than 15 million clients who have bought its products in the past five decades that it has been operational. Its products are tailored to ensure that they address the specific needs of the clients.

The units of the USHEALTH Group have two principals that they use in offering services. The know that the needs of each client are unique and also believe in using comprehensive solutions in addressing insurance needs. The firm has therefore developed a wide variety of solutions that customers can select. It has also ensured that everyone can afford them by tailoring them to suit the budget of an individual. USHEALTH Group has one of the most reliable customer services in the industry. The representatives and employees of the firm assist people to select the best insurance package by offering guidance that wholly considers their needs. The company has created an excellent claim compensation program that enables clients to be served in time. It has also managed to equalize its payments and claims, and this has facilitated its smooth operations. The firm was awarded grade A during a Better Business Bureau analysis due to its unparalleled customer services.

The USHEALTH Group and its units have been distributing their solutions by using a competent and licensed agency, which is called USHEALTH Advisors. It has dedicated itself to giving Americans the best buying experience despite the challenges that are faced in the provision of health insurance solutions. Its analyses all its representatives to ensure that they are competent and licensed before they are allowed to distribute products.