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Norka Luque Singing for a Noble Cause

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Norka Luque was though born in Caracas; Venezuela considers Miami home. She recently rose to global fame with a couple of sensational singles. In fact, her debut hits got several nominations for Latin Music Award. Her long journey started as a child when her parents overseeing her vocal training, piano lessons, and dance, `alongside her academics. Luque moved to France after high school where she studied several subjects ranging from Business Administration to Culinary Arts, Marketing to Fashion. However, this did not derail her interests in music. She joined a band, and with it, she would get a familiar with the music scene in Europe. Interestingly, Luque had a stint with banking in Monaco, but that would be short-lived for she later moved to America as an aspiring musician. And the world is lucky she did.


As fate would have it, Luque met Emilio Estefan Jr, together with the likes of Archie Pena, Hermanos Gaitán, and Luigi Giraldo helped materialize her debut singles amongst them Milagro, a song that with Mediterranean and Caribbean flavors. Its message that change was within everyone’s reach scaled it up music charts among them the Latin Music Billboards where it was a favorite. In her country of birth, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, as well the U.S, it received a wide acclaim. Norka was now a force to reckon with in the global music scene.


This talented singer or artist is guided by a philosophy of bringing hope to the world through music. She has been quoted saying that though music and the lyrics therein should in principle help people get through difficult times. According to her, artists should always incorporate positivity in their works, and although the music world is forever experiencing a great change in genre and rhythms, it should always carry a similar message; that of valuing life and hope to change for the better. Her inspiration stems from her share of nasty experiences in life. She has risen above her struggles and so can people in despair.


Norka Luque is also looking up to great artists, from the likes of Sia, classical Nirvana, Jay-Z, Shakira, George Michael Alesso, Bob Sinclair, Aerosmith, and Queen. She is full of life; she likes traveling, different cuisine and loves tennis, but at the helm of her enthusiasm is music. In 2016, she has worked more with Emilio Estefan releasing a single entitled ‘Tomorrowland’ and also with Fito Blanko. She now runs her label named ‘ NorkaMusic Productions LLC.’ Her music is especially relevant, for the world still needs reassurance with messages of hope.



Eric Lefkofsky Increasing Success

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Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman from the United States. He is an entrepreneur and he is able to make sure that things are done the right way with the different businesses that he has. This has allowed him the chance to make things better than what they typically would be without his help.

The sales industry is something that isn’t exactly easy for people to break into. It takes a certain type of personality combined with other types of things to help them do better in sales. Eric Lefkofsky has exactly that and it gave him the chance to make sure that things are better for the industry that he plays an important role in. He has been able to help the people who are in the sales industry to do different things with the way that he can do things with his business and other businesses.

Since Eric Lefkofsky has been in the sales industry, he has shown a lot of growth. Not only does he have growth within his own businesses, he has also seen growth in the businesses that he helps out. He knows that it is so important to grow a business no matter what and that is the only way that they will be able to help themselves grow bigger with the way that things are done in the business. When it comes to growth, Eric Lefkofsky has provided a lot of that to people, businesses and even to himself. He plans to continue growing.

Eric Lefkofsky ( did not always have a plan to be ultra successful. He started out in a small town in Michigan and this was something that he knew that he had to get out of. He liked the small town but he did not like feeling like he was stuck with only a few career opportunities. This gave him a chance to move forward and allowed him the ability to get in the business of sales and in the different industries that he now plays a major part in. He wanted to move forward from where he was in the beginning.


Even though Eric Lefkofsky didn’t particularly like the beginnings that he had, he knew that it was important to always keep that up and to remind himself of it. This was something that he did by making sure that he gave back to the community that he came from. He wanted to show people the different things that they could do if only they set their mind to it and worked hard to do different things. There are many ways that Eric Lefkofsky has given back including donating to charities and helping people who are in different parts of the community that he currently lives in.

Since helping impressive companies like Groupon and Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has made a true name for himself in the business industry. He wanted to make sure that he was doing things the right way and this gave him a chance to move forward with these companies. He helps the companies that he is a part of and has been an exceptional leader in the way that he did different things. While they are technically in different industries, Groupon and Tempus are both a major part of the sales industry as a whole part.


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Madison Street Capital’s Commitment to Integrity

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One great example of companies giving back to the community is Madison Street Capital, which partners with the United Way to give back to communities all around America. This partnership has mobilized communities across America to improve education, financial stability, and help families achieve economic independence.


Madison Street Capital Reputation Strengths: Priorities and Values


Madison Street Capital’s first commitment is to integrity. Striving for excellence and exhibiting strong leadership through service follow naturally from the mindset of integrity that is the fiber which makes up Madison Street Capital.


This is exactly why Madison Street Capital is an market leader in reputation.


With integrity and tremendous industry experience, Madison Street Capital Advisors are trusted by successful corporate executives all over the United States, and worldwide.


Doing business out of Chicago for the past 11 years, Madison Street Capital Advisors offer expert advisory services to executives and decision-makers at middle market corporations, primarily focusing on corporate advisory, company valuation, tax planning, asset management, financial opinions, as well as capital services and venture capital services.


To offer some insight into the kind of work in which Madison Street Capital specializes, we can look at the field of Mergers and Acquisitions, where they have strong business volume.


According to Madison Street Capital’s leadership team, the company is focused on merging companies that combine product distribution with actual retail product offering and branding. This clearly internalizes the cost structures of the logistical product distribution while also focusing in on which products to distribute, creating myriad opportunities for internal process improvement.


A Reputation of Honesty


The working philosophy at Madison Street Capital is about always maintaining integrity, while delivering advisory plans that are what the clients need to hear, rather than what the clients want to hear. Without doubt, Madison Street Capital has the reputation of integrity and excellent client service.


It’s this type of thinking, the kind that values business success over personal ego, that runs Madison Street Capital. This culture of honesty, integrity, and transparency, pervades and thrives all through the whole organization at Madison Street Capital, at every level of corporate governance.


Integrity at Madison Street Capital also means that they go above and beyond any legally required disclosures for clients, to make sure that everyone is on the same page and knows what is going on. Communication is a huge part of transparency and honesty, and in this area, Madison Street Capital excels.


The advisors at Madison Street Capital are education-focused, and hospitable, meaning they aim to leave visitors better-off for having visited, whether they buy services or not. By over-delivering, Madison Street Capital Advisors build trust early on and establish expertise, which can’t be faked. The teams at Madison Street Capital have extraordinary analytical tools that are powered by real client data to yield unique, hyper-valuable insights for corporate clients.


Business as we know it is changing, and only time will tell which companies will thrive or fall.

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Mike Baur Is A Startup Genius

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The Swiss Start Up Factory is a very transparent company. The name says it all. The company specializes in helping startup companies find a solid footing in the world marketplace. The Swiss Start Up Factory brings small startup companies and turns them into a rock steady company. The ultimate goal is to provide a top notch program for accelerating startups to the fast track to success.


When investors look into the Swiss Start Up Factory they see a versatile portfolio of startups from all walks of life. The investment platform is a work of genius, and investors are able to inspect the ideas generated as well as to put their own input in as well. The Swiss Start up Factory has helped countless fledgling companies in their career.


Those who approach the Swiss Start Up Factory are usually looking for the ultimate package. All of the help in the world plus financial backing. The company has a 3 month long program the was created to ensure the best possible launches for any project involving a startup company. The startup is provided with investors, a mentorship network and a service package that is completely personalized and designed to help bring each startup to success.


Mike Baur


The CEO and Co-founder of this amazing company is Mike Baur. Baur has spent the last 20 years putting all of his energy into Swiss Private Banking. He climbed the corporate ladder and make a success of himself with nothing more than his intelligence, charisma and professionalism.

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Baur truly enjoys what he does, and all of his success has made him very happy. As a man who appreciates hard work, he is greatly fond of the fruits of all of his hard work. Knowing the struggles of starting a company, he decided to make it easier for others to start the company of their dreams.


A Private Club Meant Just For Young Professional Millennials

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What is Magnises?

Magnises is an exclusive, private club for young professionals on the move. Membership guarantees you get a VIP experience every time you go out. Provided you are headed to at any club or event on the East Coast, the card has you completely covered. People are joining in large numbers because of the increased networking opportunities the organization provides. Owners of the Magnises black card receive massive discounts and other inviting offers from the leading clubs and hotels in New York City and Washington DC.


Billy McFarland founded Magnises, the private club in 2014, according to Businessinsider. Billy’s primary motivation was to enhance the networking opportunities of the professionals.

How the Cards Work?

Well, in a nutshell, the black card is linked to your bank or credit card. Once you swipe it at a club, hotel or an event, your expenses get safely and automatically deducted from your savings accounts. With the card, it is possible to do shopping and business both online and offline.

Speaking to the press earlier this year, McFarland was quick to note that the main reason they came up with the black card innovation was that everyone always carries either their debit or credit card around. Consequently, the Magnises card saves the consumers from the hassle of carrying two cards which could easily get misplaced.

Unprecedented Growth
In a span of fewer than two years since it got launched, the organization has garnered a strong following. Magnises currently has well over 12,000 customers. With the new benefits set to be rolled up in the coming months, more consumers are expected to join this bandwagon.

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How Much Does it Cost?

The card goes for a modest price of only $99. The company’s headquarters are situated at Alley. Another exciting offer up for grabs by their patrons is the co-working experience on In brevity, customers are given a chance to use their prestigious and tranquil professional-looking facilities over at Alley to work. Yes, they only need to pay a monthly fee of around $500 to be able to use the office premises to conduct their private affairs. For outsiders, the price is estimated to range many times over this quoted amount.

The start-up regularly holds networking-experience events on their Lower East Side premises in Manhattan. The occasions take place at the penthouse and the members get a brilliant chance to exchange ideas and contacts as they take in the magnificent view of the breathtaking New York skyline.

Upcoming Features

The founder of the club announced major plans to introduce ClubPass. This is a characteristic which allows the user’s unlimited access to all the hot clubs and events in the Big Apple. Members pay $65 for the privilege.

HotelPass is also another feature of Magnises in the works by the start-up. Magnises members who sign up for this service get to stay at the prestigious Dream Hotel in New York. Thanks to the card members pay a quarter of the cost per night. Instead of parting with the set $245 per night at the hotel, they only pay $79. Pretty amazing, right? Moving forward the firm hopes to attract and retain budding professionals in the finance, tech, fashion and the entertainment industries among others.

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The finalists of the M&A Advisor awards have been named and Madison is one of them

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The announcement of the annual M&A advisor awards has been made and once again Madison Street Capital is on the winners list. The award is recognized and coveted by everyone that works in the financial sector. It awards companies that have been taking steps to lead the others in innovation, making new deals and reconstituting new business partnerships.

There are two categories that Madison Street Capital has been nominated under. These are the best boutique investment of the year and also the best international deal of the year in the Industrial sector.

These two nominations are a result of the amount of work that the company has been doing. Lately, they have helped their associate, Dowco get into a partnership with Acuna and Asociados, SA. This news was given by the president of Madison, Charles Botchway. He was proud and grateful for the company’s nomination as the best boutique investment firm of the year. He noted that the South American firm acquisition was not a simple process and that it included crossing borders and making complicated business plans. He was glad that all the efforts were bearing fruit.

On the 9th of November, the winners of the awards will be announced. The announcement will be made at the New York Athletic club. Another important thing to note is that this is not the first time this company has received recognition for their hard work. They were also nominated for the award in 2015, which shows that they are setting the pace when it comes to excellent service delivery.

Madison street capital LLC
The firm was started in 1998 and has grown over the span of less than 20 years to become one of the most sought after businesses when it comes to investment banking. They started by creating a worldwide network of partnerships and businesses they were associated with. The many services they offer include giving guidance to different companies and corporations, making sure that they connect them with businesses they can merge with for better service delivery, and appraising property for businesses before they acquire them. The end results of the services they offer are businesses that have strong partnerships on a global scale and better service delivery.

Another great milestone in the development of the company is that it has moved from helping the public entities and into private businesses. This has expanded their customer base greatly, something that has increased their productivity.

They offer their services to industries such as consumer markets, especially those involved with food and agriculture, production companies, those that deal with logistics and transportation, telecommunication and media and the real estate sector. They have the goal of becoming a global leader in the market.

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