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What Does Thor Halvorssen Think of The Election?

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Everybody has an opinion about the 2016 Presidential Election. Throughout most election cycles, people only become interested during the last month or so, when it is time to submit a vote. But this one has drawn a lot of national attention. People are very interested in the contenders, for better or for worse. Men such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders contribute something unique to the election that has never been seen in American history. Bernie Sanders is introducing the American people to the model of government known as socialism. In this video, Thor Halvorssen provided some insight into this issue.

Halvorssen is particularly qualified to provide insight. Unlike most people, he did not learn about socialism by opening a history book. Most people only know about socialism from the one-liners that Bernie Sanders shares with them or from some other second-hand source. But Halvorssen has directly seen the results of socialism, and he argued that it is something that this nation needs to avoid at all costs. Resulting in poverty and persecution, socialism is far inferior to capitalism. In fact, Halvorssen has seen his own family members become victimized by socialist governments. This issue is very close to home for him.

Too Much Power
The United States was founded on a system of checks and balances. It was developed to prevent any governmental entity from developing too much power. This would prevent any corruption. While there certainly may be corruption in Washington, that corruption cannot full wield the US government. One cannot use their political capital to overturn a Republican system. However, a socialistic model of government would be a welcoming environment for a corrupt individual.

The Rich Will Run Out of Money
Bernie Sanders has suggested that the government tax the rich. The problem is that when the rich run out of money, the government will need to start targeting families of a lower income.

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Transparency Leading The Way To A Brighter Future

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In recent years, there has been lots of controversy in regards to police officers. We have all been raised knowing that police were there to protect and serve. Call 9-1-1 if there is an emergency. Flashing lights and a siren being indicators that help is on the way. This is still true, but like anything, there is more to the story.


There is a whole police culture that the common citizen is not aware of. That’s to be expected, of course. What is this culture? What does it mean for both the police and the civilians they protect? Apparently it means a lot.


There are policies being made from the top that trickles down to the rest of us. There are attitudes within inner circles that color how things are done. People are being hired, and they may get the job, not just due to qualifications, but because of who they know. That’s a rather distressing prospect, to say the least.


Transparency is necessary. San Francisco D.A., George Gascón felt this was true and put together a task force to look into racism and homophobia in the department. He was very vocal against the social climate the police union has. He would know, he used to be Police Chief.


This is great. It will shine the light on what’s going on and help improve the state of things for the future. No good deed goes unpunished, though. It turns out Gascón’s past is tainted with some of the things he’s going against now. Allegations made by former Police Officers Association president, Gary Delagnes has really put some dents into George Gascón’s reputation.

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Martin Lustgarten Pulls Back The Financial Market Curtain

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Very few people are worth listening to when it comes to financial advice, but there comes along once in a while a man like Lustgarten. American by birth, the man has made a name for himself in the financial investment sector as an expert.


Most of his career has been spent in America where he has held several positions in most Investment banks in Wall street banks. His expertise helped most banks to gain more profits and stabilize in the market. He is highly experienced in the securities and exchange market sectors where he is as the seasoned trader.


Martin Lustgarten has toured the world giving lecture after lecture on the subject of investing in stocks and money markets.  In Australia, the banks and trust funds have him to thank for the recent growth and for not feeling the financial crunch.


For example, his advice helped South Africa adopt the market-oriented kind of economy after the world cup to avoid spiraling out of control. Before that, there was a general disappointment among the investors fraternity with many having reported returns on investment below 2 %.


He has been known to urge the American government publicly to link up with China to make sure that the emerging stock market in the Far East helps theirs grow as trade allies.


Martin Lustgarten has made himself a consultant in recent years. He holds a lot of expertise in the long-term investments field and has warned many start-up investors about the dangers of expecting to make a lot of money in a short period.
This is not to imply that it cannot happen, but the fact is that the lower the risk, the better off an investor is. According to Martin, the markets are unpredictable, and it is important that one carries out due diligence before making a decision to buy a particular stock. Check out his Tumblr for more news and events.

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