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JustFab and Eye-Catching Summer Trends

Shopping lovers lately keep going crazy over the summer styles that are available at JustFab is an Internet subscription retailer that’s perfect for people who like fashion recommendations that are tailored to their own tastes and lifestyles. The team at JustFab makes finding clothing simple and stress-free. People can purchase all different kinds of apparel at JustFab. The online store has a large selection of denim, dresses, tops, skirts,.. Read More

Meet the Inspirational CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics

CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere, is recognized as a leader and innovator in both the cosmetics and e-commerce industries. Doe credits many things to her success including trusting her gut, being true to herself and an inseparable husband and business partner. Her e-commerce based cosmetics company has been inspiring others to be true to themselves through self-expression focused on vividly colorful beauty products. Doe’s experimentation with.. Read More

What Does Thor Halvorssen Think of The Election?

Everybody has an opinion about the 2016 Presidential Election. Throughout most election cycles, people only become interested during the last month or so, when it is time to submit a vote. But this one has drawn a lot of national attention. People are very interested in the contenders, for better or for worse. Men such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders contribute something unique to the election that has never.. Read More

Transparency Leading The Way To A Brighter Future

In recent years, there has been lots of controversy in regards to police officers. We have all been raised knowing that police were there to protect and serve. Call 9-1-1 if there is an emergency. Flashing lights and a siren being indicators that help is on the way. This is still true, but like anything, there is more to the story.   There is a whole police culture that the.. Read More

Martin Lustgarten Pulls Back The Financial Market Curtain

Very few people are worth listening to when it comes to financial advice, but there comes along once in a while a man like Lustgarten. American by birth, the man has made a name for himself in the financial investment sector as an expert.   Most of his career has been spent in America where he has held several positions in most Investment banks in Wall street banks. His expertise.. Read More