Freedom Checks and What They Can Do for Your Financial Life

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If you’ve ever invested in the past, you know the difficulties of trying to find the right stock or bond in order to put money into. If the stock goes under, you lose everything and you could find that this results in total financial ruin for you and your loved ones. An easier and more effective way of investing is known as Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks is a type of investment that has been around for many years now. They are a trusted source for individuals who would like to become the shareholder of a specific company and receive the overflow of revenue that the company will have year after year. These checks are often given to those who have put money into a specific corporation, either a gas company or an oil producer, and you will receive money when their revenue has been received.

What makes Freedom Checks so popular is the foolproof method of investing that practically anyone can begin to do. You do not need to be trained or experienced in investment work in order to get Freedom Checks and have the option work well for you. Likewise, you do not need to put a ton of money into the specific company you want to invest into in order to see cash flow in return. The process of investing and getting a check is very simple and can be done quickly and without hassle. To learn more about this method of investing, you may want to consider reading the official book on Freedom Checks and how they can work for you.

Once you begin to see that you are able to make a decent amount of money off of being a shareholder for one of these companies, you will find that this encourages you to invest more and see more revenue in return for your efforts. Now is the best time to begin investing, as this is an option that thousands of people have tried in the past and are thrilled with how it is working for them and able to give them a ton of money as well.

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The Complexity of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

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Being an education secretary is a position that handles and manages the school systems in the United States. The position was recently placed into the hands of Betsy DeVos. Her placement into the position was viewed by some as a peculiar and unfathomable. She has never held a position within the education department and her entire family attended private Christian schools, so she doesn’t have a real in-depth knowledge of the public school system. Many of the people who opposed her as the pick for education secretary believed her to be too ignorant after comments she made during her Senate confirmation hearings about grizzly bears being a reason schools should keep guns on the premises. She has since stated that the comment was a bit of a lighthearted comment during an otherwise very serious discussion about guns on school grounds.


The US Senate still confirmed Betsy DeVos despite some apprehension at her appointment. Some members of the Senate pointed to the philanthropy of DeVos as a reason for her appointment. DeVos has worked hard to push for charter schools in Michigan and in Florida to be funded by vouchers. She has been involved with the concept of school choice for a number of years of her life. She has also donated extensively to Potter’s House school, which is a school for children who lack opportunity. There are numerous schools across Grand Rapids that she has donated school furnishings, books, and equipment to. DeVos and her husband Dick have created several different scholarship programs as well to help students who have the academic ability, but lack the financial means to go to the schools that would be more suited to their personal needs.


Despite the complexity behind the choice of Betsy DeVos as an education secretary, she has so far done what she could to reach out to a variety of different schools, to keep conversations open with schools and the education department, to improve student performance, and to push for school districts to have more control over their decisions on rules. After her appointment as Education secretary of the United States was to speak to other members of the education department. During those discussions, she immediately set up appointments to begin having meetings with various schools in the Washington area and elsewhere. She has continued to meet with public, private, and charter schools to see how the schools can be improved. DeVos has noted that students in the United States are scoring well below in academic performance in comparison to other developed countries. She has been pushing for ways to change that. DeVos has also pushed for school districts to be able to vote on rules for their individual districts. She pointed out how the transgender bathroom rules and the decision regarding whether or not school staff should have guns on hand in case of an active shooter are both cases that should be decided upon by school districts. She believes that Congress should have an open debate on how to keep schools safe from gun violence though.


While DeVos is a bit of a complex figure to have been chosen as an education secretary, she has taken her position very seriously. She wants to continue on in her work as a changemaker for communities just as she has had a positive influence on communities in her home state with her philanthropy work in the school systems. Perhaps the most complex thing about her will be that she will cause change to happen in the education department that will truly fix the problems within it.


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Sahm Adrangi Shorts Proteostasis Therapeutics

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Sahm Adrangi is a sell side trader that corporate executive do not want to encounter under most, if not all, circumstances. Adrangi runs a hedge fund called Kerrisdale Capital, which manages $180 million of investor funds. Andragi has made his reputation as an activist short seller, detecting corporate irregularities, shorting the shares and then calling attention to a company’s issues by releasing a report, or sending a tweet. Adrangi earned fame, and fortune to boot, by being at the forefront of a wave of short selling that called attention to fraudulent practices of Chinese companies with United States listed securities.

Recently, Sahm Adrangi issued a negative report on shares of Proteostasis Therapeutics, explaining his decision to sell short shares in the company. Proteostasis is a biotechnical company whose product is in the clinical stage. Its main drug is PTI-428, which is intended to treat cystic fibrosis that results from genetic disorders.

Sahm Adrangi’s short thesis for this company is that the Phase Two test results of this drug are not nearly as optimistic as they seem on the surface, as the success only results from favorable comparison to placebo patients, as opposed to any improvement in the patients’ conditions. He believes that the drug is actually ineffective, and that investors misinterpreted the results of the testing. Andragi was particularly disturbed by Proteostasis Therapeutics’ decision to issue nine million additional shares shortly after the release of the Phase Two trial results.

Further, Sahm Adrangi concludes that Proteostasis Therapeutics has a track record of selectively releasing study data, emphasizing the findings that present it in a positive light, while burying data that would reflect poorly upon it. Adrangi maintains that there are other results from tests that the company has performed that are not in the public domain and, if known, would cause investors to cast doubt on PTI-428’s efficacy. Beyond the ineffectiveness of PTI-428, Sahm Adrangi argues that Proteostasis Therapeutics has little in its pipeline of future drugs that would prevent the stock price from realizing a drop of at least 70%.

Shervin Pishevar Discusses Several Scary Concepts In His Tweet Storm

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One of the most successful venture capitalists in Silicon Valley is Shervin Pishevar. His investment firm has been responsible for some of the most prominent businesses arising from the tech sector. He has worked on numerous projects including Airbnb, Uber and WebOS. Shervin Pishevar recently started a tweet storm that lasted for 21 full hours. His tweets covered many different topics such as the debt currently expanding within the United States. Some of his tweets made it clear he feels the United States debt markets are becoming overheated.

He talked about the record lows of the bond yields and corporations currently borrowing a lot of money. Shervin Pishevar issued a warning to investors that there may not be any safe asset classes left. He stated yields have been driven so far down by the Federal Reserve he believes it is unlikely bonds are going to be productive in the future and the returns will be dismal. Shervin Pishevar believes the amount of money corporations have been borrowing throughout the country to buyback their stock has caused extremely high inflation within the equity markets. He said it is nearly the highest valuation he has ever witnessed.

Shervin Pishevar mentioned stock portfolios when he tweeted about asset inflation. He believes the returns in the future will decrease as low as two or three percent during the next several decades. This is not going to leave the investors with very many good options. He said the valuations in the real estate market were historically extremely high. He said this was due to easy credit the Federal Reserve created with their expansionary policies. He stated the value of a home is only what a bank agrees to lend. All over the country, historically inflated amounts have been provided by the banks so people could buy residential real estate.

Shervin Pishevar does not believe cash is safe in the current environment. He believes the enormous deficits created by the federal government combined with the mandatory and consistent entitlement programs will leave the government no option in the future but to cover the shortfalls in the budget by printing money.

Learn More About Aloha Construction

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Who Are The Elite Aloha Construction Professionals?

There are many roofing and siding professionals in the southern Illinois area, competing for your business, but an Aloha professional can provide fast and courteous service. They’re an elite family owned corporation that offers excellent in-house finance options. Choose from a superior team of professionals that offer their clients personalized services. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your insurance claim. Their certified professionals are there to help you make repairs after a storm with fast courteous service. Contact one of their highly trained roofing and siding professionals for your home remodeling needs.

Aloha Siding Services

Aloha Construction professionals are your southern Illinois siding experts. Their customers have an opportunity to receive a free estimate with actual sample material available. They understand faulty siding on your home can increase your monthly utilities and should be repaired fast. Choose from materials like vinyl, aluminum, and many other siding style types. You can get a craftsmanship guarantee on all your material and labor with Aloha. They will access your siding needs, and recommend a solution with your total inclusion on all intended services.

Aloha Roofing Services

Does your roof have missing shingles? Are you noticing pests in the attic of your home? An Aloha professional can access your roofing needs to find out where pest are entering your home. In fact, they use neighborhood friendly material to build smart communities. You can choose from concrete, cedar oak, asphalt roofing material, and much more. Don’t let a bad winter storm cause a roofing emergency with the help of an Aloha Construction professional. A damaged roof can also decrease the value of your home. Don’t get an estimate valued at less than what your home is worth because of a faulty roof by calling an Aloha professional.

You’re also invited to a free no obligation estimate by calling an Aloha Construction professional during normal business hours. They reign supreme during a storm. Trust the roofing and siding experts at Aloha for your needs.

Wes Edens- Building A Global Presence

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A successful businessman, investor and sports team owner, Wes Edens has been making his presence felt for quite some time. Edens is a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, one of the nations top investment management groups based in New York City. Edens impressive resume includes being a co-owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, and owning the League of Legends FlyQuest. Edens is an innovator who is always looking for his next great movie.

Wes Edens is a graduate of Oregon State University where he earned a degree in in Finance and Business Administration. His career in business began as a result of a partnership with the Lehman Brothers. It was here that he served as a partner and managing director for several years. After Lehman Brothers, Wes Edens became one of the principal partners of the Fortress Investments. He would soon help build Fortress into one of the most successful companies around.

Under Edens leadership, Fortress has become a global success. Currently the company is responsible for managing more than forty million dollars in assets for nearly two-thousand investors. Edens works along side Randal Nardone and Wes Edens as the companies other major principals. Together the trio has built a company that specializes in some key areas which include: operations management, sector-specific knowledge of companies and institutions, capital markets and corporate mergers and acquisitions. Over the last two decades Fortress has built a set of tools and strategies that have made them global experts on these topics.

Recently Wes Edens made a unique move when he became an investor in Aston Villa, a major soccer team. Aston Villa has been looking for funding ever since the end of the most recent season in May. Edens becomes more than a fifty percent stakeholder in the company. He continues to show his ability to be innovative and push the envelope. His presence clearly will be around for many years to come.

Dr. Saad Saad Gives Advice for When Children Swallow Objects

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Dr. Saad Saad, a skilled pediatric surgeon who has spent the last four decades helping more than 1,000 children get foreign objects out of their tracheas and esophagus, was recently featured in the Medical Daily Times article “Hard to Swallow Advice from Dr. Saad Saad.” The article, written by BJ Harrington, reveals advice on what to do if your child swallows a foreign object.


Dr. Saad Saad has helped children as young as six months to teenagers as old as fourteen. Many children will get foreign objects stuck in their food pipes or windpipes. He reveals that because young children are particularly curious and often stick things into their mouths, they are at risk for swallowing something that will get stuck. Though most of the time, if a child swallows a foreign object it will simply pass through without any serious complication. However, sometimes the object will become stuck in the food pipe or will end up in the windpipe.


Parents should be aware of the symptoms of a foreign object being stuck in the throat. Dr. Saad Saad reveals that these include trouble swallowing, wheezing and trouble breathing. There are several objects that are at high risk for getting caught in the throats of young toddlers. Parents should be particularly mindful of peanuts, hot dogs, and coins. The larger objects like the hot dog and coin will get caught in the food pipe. However, it is just as dangerous for a small object like a peanut to get stuck in the windpipe. For example, if the child gets a peanut stuck in his or her windpipe, they are at risk for severing infections like pneumonia. This can occur when the peanut breaks down into smaller fragments and become lodged in the lung.


Parents should also be aware that if their child is younger than 6-years-old, they can often get the object unstuck by turning them upside down and patting their backs. Often, gravity will work in their favor and the stuck object will come right out. When the child is older, the parent can perform the Heimlich maneuver. This is accomplished by standing behind the child and wrapping your wrists around their waist just under the rib cage. The force of thrusting your hands will help a child cough the object out. However, if neither solutions work, it may be time to take the child to the emergency room. Saad also warns that parents should never attempt to remove the objects with.

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OSI Industries: Recap Gazette Day Article

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The Transformation of Otto & Sons

OSI Industries is a global food provider with facilities located in 17 different countries. The facilities combined have a 20,000-employee count. OSI Industries has not always been the large food supplier that they are today. This is a company that has been growing since the 1900s and is still on a continual up rise. The history of the company is deeply rooted in American immigration.

A German immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky, began his business as a small retail store that provided meat for the community. In the year 1909, the company got its start in Oak Park, Chicago. After the start of the company, business thrived for ten years. As the decade came to an end Kolschowsky was able to expand his business into another Chicago suburb. By the year 1928, the family business was renamed Otto & Sons.

This small business was a very important component to the American community and it has thrived for decades. In 1955, the first McDonald’s restaurant was established in Des Plaines, Illinois. Before its grand opening, it was agreed that Otto & Sons would be the franchise’s ground beef provider.

As the McDonald’s franchise boomed in business, Otto & Sons followed close behind. The top priority of Otto & Sons had transformed into being the supplier for all regional McDonald’s restaurants.

Later Otto & Sons transitioned into the global corporation, OSI Industries. OSI Industries would be a supplier for both local and international food chains. Ray Kroc, the owner of the McDonald’s franchise, thought it was imperative that each restaurant’s food product was consistent from one franchise to the other. This would allow each customer to experience the same quality and favorable taste of food no matter which McDonald’s restaurant a customer chose to eat from.

With the integrations of modern technology, in an effort to ensure that the food is safe and produced at a high quality, OSI Industries has been able to develop high caliber client relations. Products are manufactured globally across the world to meet the needs of not only the McDonald’s franchise but other well known restaurant franchises as well.

Drew Madden’s Role and Impact on Nordic Consulting Partners

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Healthcare has been experiencing quite a remarkable change over time both regarding industry size and quality of services. It is due to this improvement that the patients’ trust and hope for better services delivery in the health sector have been increasing. Therefore, several prescriptions for distinct aspects of the healthcare market have been developed to inspire young entrepreneurs as they seek their cures in similar lines of thoughts.

A referral system and better post-acute rating are one of the prescriptions. The government has provided many financial incentives to hospitals and skilled nursing facilities that aid in reducing the rate of readmission and post-acute cost in the hospitals. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to start providing hospitals with software that enable in determining who has the lowest readmission rates among the post-acute providers. It will then end up aiding the hospitals in better directing of patients and also cost-cutting.

Another prescription is the better use of the health tracking hardware since patient’s data collection has always been done manually. Therefore due to lack of data, doctors are not able to provide appropriate recommendations. Despite data collection being manual, the hardware to make the patient’s diagnostic data easy to collect does exist and it even has an insurance cover. It is, therefore, a considerable gap for an entrepreneur to fill and take advantage of it. They can manage it by providing the hospital with software that can generate health reports relating to patients for doctors.

Drew Madden received his B.S.E in Industrial Engineering from Lowa College of Engineering. He never wasted his time but immediately ventured into the corporate world to utilize his academics in the actual environment. In 2010, he became one of the Nordic Consulting Partners’ staff, and he served as their president for about six years. During his term, Drew enabled the company to realize more benefits for him, being one its stakeholder. The company experienced substantial growth in the number of employees as well as client partners than before he joined. In 2012 and 2014 he aided the company in achieving the KLAS ranking in the typical implementation of services.

Shopping For Cheap Clothes And Paying for High Quality Clothes at The RealReal

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For people that are serious about fashion, they have to solve an issue. One issue has a lot to do with finding some good clothing at a reasonable price. The only thing is that a lot of the cheap fast fashion stores do offer some good clothes. At the same time, these clothes tend to be made in a way that is not durable. This is one of the reasons that people eventually walk away from fast fashion and towards other forms of fashion. The only thing is that not all of these markets have a lot of options for people that are looking for some kind of style.

This is where The RealReal comes in. They have something that is high in quality for customers that are very interested in fashion. Another thing they have is products in other industries. They also have home products and related products for people to use to create their environment. This will not only help their people feel good about themselves but also make them create home that they feel great about. With clothing, they can express themselves in a way that they couldn’t with cheaper products. They will also impress their peers.

The RealReal experiments with other industries that they can get into. One industry they are breaking into is the beauty industry. They are looking at selling make up and other products that bring about the best looks in each individual. Therefore, women can shop for the best looking outfits while buying makeup that will bring out bold skin and great colors. Women can put on a look based on what they are feeling at the moment. At the same time, they can actually bring attention to The RealReal for all of the clothing that they have to offer customers of all ages.