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Norka Luque Singing for a Noble Cause

Norka Luque was though born in Caracas; Venezuela considers Miami home. She recently rose to global fame with a couple of sensational singles. In fact, her debut hits got several nominations for Latin Music Award. Her long journey started as a child when her parents overseeing her vocal training, piano lessons, and dance, `alongside her academics. Luque moved to France after high school where she studied several subjects ranging from.. Read More

Eric Lefkofsky Increasing Success

Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman from the United States. He is an entrepreneur and he is able to make sure that things are done the right way with the different businesses that he has. This has allowed him the chance to make things better than what they typically would be without his help. The sales industry is something that isn’t exactly easy for people to break into. It takes a.. Read More

Madison Street Capital’s Commitment to Integrity

One great example of companies giving back to the community is Madison Street Capital, which partners with the United Way to give back to communities all around America. This partnership has mobilized communities across America to improve education, financial stability, and help families achieve economic independence.   Madison Street Capital Reputation Strengths: Priorities and Values   Madison Street Capital’s first commitment is to integrity. Striving for excellence and exhibiting strong.. Read More

Mike Baur Is A Startup Genius

The Swiss Start Up Factory is a very transparent company. The name says it all. The company specializes in helping startup companies find a solid footing in the world marketplace. The Swiss Start Up Factory brings small startup companies and turns them into a rock steady company. The ultimate goal is to provide a top notch program for accelerating startups to the fast track to success.   When investors look.. Read More

A Private Club Meant Just For Young Professional Millennials

What is Magnises? Magnises is an exclusive, private club for young professionals on the move. Membership guarantees you get a VIP experience every time you go out. Provided you are headed to at any club or event on the East Coast, the card has you completely covered. People are joining in large numbers because of the increased networking opportunities the organization provides. Owners of the Magnises black card receive massive.. Read More

The finalists of the M&A Advisor awards have been named and Madison is one of them

The announcement of the annual M&A advisor awards has been made and once again Madison Street Capital is on the winners list. The award is recognized and coveted by everyone that works in the financial sector. It awards companies that have been taking steps to lead the others in innovation, making new deals and reconstituting new business partnerships. There are two categories that Madison Street Capital has been nominated under… Read More

Securus Helps The Kids Of Inmates Grow Up Right

Securus Technologies is bringing families together. As you can see in this video, the video chat allows the father to communicate freely with the child. The kid giggles and laughs as he recognizes his father figure in the screen before him. This is actually creating a bond between the father and the child which is vital for childhood development.   Securus is a telecommunications company that offers technological innovations to.. Read More

David Osio Caps the Top with App

We are a software driven, apps technology society, and this expertise is moving so fast it’s like a bullet-train to perfecting. Consequently, when Davos Real Estate Group introduced its new application, the populace took notice. The application is called the Davos CAP Calculator. Specifically designed for investors in mind, the app illustrates precise financial trends when purchasing real estate in the United States. A functional tool worth seeing, and besides.. Read More

The InnovaCare Health Provider

InnovaCare Health is a healthcare management firm in Puerto Rico. The company offers high-quality health care and incorporates the Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans that develop the firm’s innovative provider network designs. InnovaCare Health provides controlled healthcare services and engages the leading healthcare groups in Puerto Rico, the PMC Medicare Choice, and MMM Healthcare, Inc. These healthcare groups coordinate and serve many patients across North America. InnovaCare Health offers Puerto.. Read More

The Endeavours Of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza was born on March 9, 1976. He is a half Norwegian and half Venezuelan. Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist and advocate. He is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. The Economist described the organization as a “spectacular human right festival that is on its way to becoming a human right equivalent of The Davos Economic Forum.” Thor Halvorssen graduated from the University.. Read More